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I remember Daniel Conner Mauser

You liked debate. God's own ear listens to you now.

Daniel was smart and shy. He had all A's the past two terms of his sophomore year at Columbine High School. He spoke French and had recenty returned from a two-week trip to France with his class. He was gifted both as a student and a friend. He was affectionately known as Moose to the debate team at Columbine.

He had a sweet sense of humor and loved his family. He was never too shy to hug his parents no matter who was around. He gave freely of his time, volenteering for an assortment of things. He walked in the AIDS march the last two years and he helped in the pharmacy of the local Swedish Medical Center. He was a cub scout and a boy scout.

I never knew Daniel but I remember his smile. He seemed so warm and giving. Like life itself was shining from his eyes. I remember his giving nature and his open and honest love. I remember his life.

Daniel Mauser Memorial Fund ~ CU Foundation ~ PO Box 1140 ~ Boulder, CO 80306

Daniel Mauser