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I remember Corey Tyler DePooter

You were willing to fight and die for your country in the Marines. Now your country fights for you.

Corey wanted to be a Marine and was really excited about signing up. If he didn't like it, he would go to college. He never thought his life would end in the hallways of his high school.

In those halls, Corey was the voice of reason, calming the fears of others and telling them they would be rescued. The kids around him followed this natural leader who may have saved their lives. Corey hid under a table with his best friend. They had just returned from a trip by themselves to Oklahoma to go fishing.

Corey was not someone who would tease others. He had a respect for life and the others in his life that prevented him from that. Everyone was given the same chance to be a friend. The world needs more people like Corey. It's a shame we lost one so early.

~Corey Tyler DePooter donations~

Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program~ care of the Colorado Marines~ 20600 E. Sixth Ave.~ Building 1301~ Buckley Air National Gaurd Base~ Aurora, CO 80011~