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I remember Cassie Rene Bernall

The End of Eternity

She is alone
She is not afraid
She knows in her heart
She will be saved
She cannot see
She is not afraid
She sees in movement
What she knows is there
She feels His touch
She is not afraid
He has come to save her
And sweep her away with His love
She knows His name
She is not afraid
He will hold her close
Until the end of eternity.

Copyright 1999, Wendy Bartlett. all rights reserved.

You stood up for what you believed in. Thank you for being so brave and touching our lives.

Cassie Bernall is perhaps the most well known of the victims. She said yes to that now-famous question, "Do you believe in God?" and she died for her faith. She has now become a symbol to many who look inside themselves wondering if they could be so brave. I am not sure what my answer would have been.

Cassie died in the library that fateful day where she spent many of her lunch periods. She had beautiful hair that she is remembered for, hair that she wanted to donate to kids having chemotharapy for wigs. She was a beautiful young girl with an equally beautiful spirit.

It does not surprise me that Cassie's life story will soon be in a bookstore near you. Her mother is writing the book about her daughter's courage. Cassie's story is definitly one worth reading...and remembering.

I will remember Cassie for her love and courage. In some ways, hearing of her story after she died has made me a stronger person. I will always be grateful to her for that. Cassie gave the ultimate sign of faith to this world, belief when faced with death. Many people will come to know God in a personal way because she both lived and died. Perhaps this was Cassie's purpose in life. To give her life so that others could spend eternity in heaven with her heavenly Father. Thank you Cassie. I remember.

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Cassie's life has affected many around the world and has inspired the movement, Yes, I Believe. Visit this site to learn more about the movement and Cassie's life.