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GRAGEDA Family Page

*Origin of GRAGEDA Surname*

The noble Sevillian family name "GRAGEDA" originally came from the village of Grajera. Etymologically, the name Grageda, Grajeda,Gragera even Graxera comes from the Castillian word "grajo" derivated from the latin word "gragulus" which concerns a species of crow.

The ancient lineage and progenitor of this family during the XIII century in the region Extremadura, Spain was Don Gautier Gragera, a distinguished knight that escorted the king Don Alfonso IX of Leon, in his war expeditions through that region and after honouring his master with favours, settled down in Montijo. In 1538, the Room of the Nobleman of Chauncery of Graneda declared Don Alfonso de Gragera, a nobleman of well known blood, the same as his father, Pedro Graxera and his grandfather of the same name. This Alonso Gragera, the third with the same name, heir of the family grown wealth. This last one accumulated the title of Perpetual Regent of Badajos, Regent and Mayor of Cavalera la Real and Grand Master of the Sacrament.

Notable bearer of the surname "GRAGEDA" include Juan Matias Gragera y Gragera, born in Puebla la Calzada, was the first Count of Tower of Fresno and Viscount of San Diego.

*Grageda Coat of Arms*

Blazon of Arms: In field of silver, five black crows, position in sotuer.

Translation: Argent (silver) denotes serenity and nobility.

Crest: Three ostrich feathers.

Origin: Spain.

The blason of the Grageda can be seen carved in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Conception in the Parish of Our Lady of Grace, of the village of Talavera and in the Chapel of San Juan Bautista, in the Parish of San Pedro, in the town of Montijo.

*Genealogical Roots*

Mariano Grageda, an adventurer from a town in Sorsogon migrated to Camalig, Albay sometime after the eruption of Mayon volcano in 1814. He was a wine merchant.

Shortly after his arrival in Camalig, he got married to a lady by the name of Juana, one of the daughters of the Moya family. The Moya family of Camalig was the biggest land owner then. Juana Moya de Grageda lived for 115 years and some six months. She was born in 1796 and died in 1912. Her memorial is inside the Camalig church. A bi-centennial celebration was held in her honor in Camalig, Albay. Grageda's from as far as Iloilo and Davao came for the occassions, which turned out to be the biggest family reunion of the Gragedas.

*Family History*

Higinio Grageda -(deceased) born on January 11, 1911 in Camalig, Albay. Married to Esther Angelica Neri Grageda, (deceased Jan. 3, 2002) born on February 5, 1910 in the same town. From this blessed union bore six children namely:

  1. Serafin Grageda - (deceased). He did not reach adulthood.

  2. Lupo Grageda - born on May 2,1934 in Camalig, Albay, artist by profession. Married to Evelyn Bonafe,teacher. Blessed with a son by the name of:

    • John Karl Grageda.

  3. Myrna Grageda - (deceased), born on April 20,1936 in Camalig, Albay, teacher by profession. Married to Jose Cimanes, blessed with seven children namely:

    • Santer Grageda Cimanes - married to Daisy with 2 children namely: Darryl and Hyacinth (Cindy).

    • Dreamrose Grageda Cimanes - married to Oral Roberts Perez, 3 sons namely: Joseth (Jay-Jay), Jared Ken, and Jethro.

    • Majel Grageda Cimanes - married to Delfin Magdaong, 4 children namely: Mayjel, Graciela (Grapes), Jessica and John.

    • Rosemarie Grageda Cimanes - married to Robert Armenta, 5 daughters namely: Rhea Marie, Rachelle, Rose-Ann, Regine Rhey, and Ruffa.

    • Josemyr Grageda Cimanes - married to Felix Luna, 3 children namely: Casilyn (KC), Aireen and Joshua Felix.

    • Jose Grageda Cimanes Jr - CPA married to Ching-Ching Nebres, a daughter namely: Gene Josha.

    • Hazel Grageda Cimanes - RN married to John Morales, 2 daughters namely: Justine Marrielle and Janelle Myr.

  4. Minda Grageda - born on October 13,1938 in Camalig, Albay, teacher by profession. Married to Pascual (Caling) Muñoz Sr., blessed with nine children namely:

    • Engr. Jonathan Grageda Muñoz - a bachelor

    • Kagawad Noel Grageda Muñoz - married to Chi Berango.

    • Capt. Pascual Grageda Muñoz Jr. - married to Marites Narce, 2 children namely: Jan Ricci and Joy.

    • Michelle Grageda Muñoz- RN,married to Nong Valerio, 3 children namely: Samantha and Kathleen (twins), and Mark.

    • Lorelei Grageda Muñoz- RN, blessed with daughter Ika Roque.

    • Lynette "Marie Sharon" Grageda Muñoz - married to Jo Dia, son named Miguel Ivan.

    • March Grageda Muñoz- CPA, born on March 25, 1976.

    • Sonriza Grageda Muñoz- RT, married to Neil Heraldo. Blessed with a baby boy named, Tristan Justice.

    • Esther "Minnie" Grageda Muñoz - Computer Science student.

  5. Gladwyn "Gene"Grageda - (deceased) born on July 30, 1946 in Camalig, Albay.

  6. Floravez Graciela Grageda - born on April 11, 1954 in Camalig, Albay. Currently residing in Port Chester, New York. Blessed with an only child named:

The result of this research was compiled solely by Floravez Graciela Grageda. If you have any addition/revision on this page and/or if you are an "GRAGEDA," and would like to provide informations on the GRAGEDA surname, please send e-mail to Graciela G. Grageda.

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