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Gomer's SoBe Page

I love SoBe. My favorite flavor is Fuel. If there is a lizard Queen out there, will you marry me?

Interesting Thought
I have a whole bunch of SoBe bottles on the top of my dresser, sort of like a shrine, and the other day I took the cap off of one and was almosted knocked over by the smell, it smelled like moonshine. I checked each bottle and I have come to this conclusion: When some SoBe flavors are allowed to sit for long periods of time they ferment, becoming an alcoholic beverage.

Caps(in alphabetical order)
*A Fist Full of Lizards
*As Seen on TV
*Bare Naked Lizards
*Big Air
*Carve This
*Drain The Lizard
*Full Metal Lizard
*Get Stronger, Last Longer.
*Good Lizard Hunting
*Have You Hugged A Lizard Today?
*Hey Lizard, Lizard, Lizard.
*It's still in The Crate
*I Want to Hold Your Lizard
*Just Drain It
*Light My Lizard
*Lizard Blizzard
*Lizard King
*Lizard Lightning
*Lizard Lips
*Lizards Love Tacos
*Lizard Zen
*Mighty Tasty
*Pinball Lizard
*Recycle The Lizard
*Saving Private Lizard
*Seize This Honkus
*SoBe Wan Kenobe
*Tastes Great... Feels Better!
*Team Lizard
*Team Lizard Boarding
*The Few, The Proud, The Lizards
*The Full Lizard
*The Good, The Bad, The Lizards.
*These Lizards Are For You
*Throw Yogurt
*We Are Huge
*We Came, We Saw, We Drained.
*Why Gum a Gumby When You Can Lick A Lizard?
*You Can't Handle The Lizard


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