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My Pics


This is my buddy Slick Willy.


This is Emily Beason and myself at Sadies 99'. It was a fun dance.


This is my burly football pic. I don't currently have my head shaved, but if I ever get a job as a bouncer or something I'll shave it again.


This is a fun competition between my other two rival schools. The rules are you make a 5 minute skit with no words, just music and you perform it in front of the school and if you win you go to a competition at night between all the schools. This is a picture of me in the group "Slick Willy and the Moniquettes". We got 2nd out of 10 different groups winning us $50. That's me in the infamous Blue Dress on the left.

Denny's after Prom

This is a picture of me at Denny's after Prom. My date was tired so I took her home and then chilled with my bros at Denny's. The hat I stole of a wall display.


Mom and Dad

This is a picture of me and my parents after graduation. Can you tell he's my dad?

Mom and Mike

This is a picture of my mom and my stepdad Mike. He can be an ass sometimes but most of the time he's pretty cool.

Marc and Allen

This is a picture of my two best bros and I at graduation. We've been friends since junior high.

The Gang

This is the crew, from left to right, me, Allen, Rob, Becky, and Marc.

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