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Welcome to my home page...Scanner Frequencies scroll down.

The Video Contains High Risk bicycle riding with some accidents shown, We Do NOT recommend trying any of the Stunts shown on this tape, and are not responsible for any injuries that may happen if you try the Stunts.
Click on PictureS for more Info, Also Listed at E-bay Named "Wheel Deal"
(After you click the picture, You can then click link to E-bay)


It Contains Music from the Bands Ten Foot Pole : Seven Hate : Snuff : Body Jar : Pulley : Burning Heads : Duh Jugheads Revenge : No Fun At All : Satanic Surfers : Buckwild : Lagwagon :

Some people may find some of their lyrics offensive, If this Might apply to you I recommend that you do not buy it.

This New (Factory Sealed) Video is Sent by Priority Mail

If interested Email me By Clicking here and I will respond with sales policy, bulk sales and CD (soundrtack) available.

GREAT OFFERS, Get Paid, Win Money, Free internets and more!

One of a kind bead work made in the USA

See Angel Hangers by clicking picture or here.

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Card Included with Angel Hanger

If you are interested in the ANGEL HANGERS PLEASE go HERE Or email me by clicking Here

Some are made with rare / checz / antique / one of a kind and/or Glow in the dark beads and charms.... Hand Made necklaces (prices vary by content and length)


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Seti Is No Longer Govermentally funded. By running their FREE program YOUr Computer might FIND ET.

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