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I doth but rejoice when thou walks into thy room!
I am an Angel this is true
I am here to serve thee!
I am not that of a servant as man doth think!
I am one of Love!
I am an Angel that is but sent to learn,
heal thy Broken Heart!

I have been beaten and bruised by many,
although not in the physical where can you see my scars!
For they are of the heart that I do carry.
To find my Heart is to find my Wounds.
To pour Thy Love into mine heart doth heal mine wounds!
If thou walks away from me and abandons me,
then thou hast not even begun to heal me,
thou hast but put a dagger to mine soul!

Does an angel have a soul?
If thou doesn't knowest the answer,
then only ask "Thine Angel cares?"
Do they give everything to make Thee happy?
Do they sacrifice all that they have
to protect such a One as Thee!



I am thy angel sent to thee on the wings of a prayer.
I stand besides thee ready to fight and to pour healing
wine of love to thine wounds.

Thou has many wounds as I,
but yet I healed thee of thy wounds and not of mine.
My heart doth bleed & yearn
for the Love that can heal my wounds!
Til then this angel stands besides thee in silence
and attends to thy every need!
I stand alone.


I am an angel sent to thee from far above.
I was sent to thee thee to heal thy wounds!
To love thee and take care of thee.
Mine heart doth yearn to see the day,
when thou learns not to push me away!

I have been very close to thee, even to touch thine soul!
Yet I hear those words from thine spirit,
"Be careful, don't get to close."
I have but heard these a millon times,
only to hang my head in shame and cry out,
"What have I done to thee? I have but only loved thee!"

Is it I that has wounded thee?
Or does thee know of the pain that thine angel lives!
An angel's heart is but pure, full of love, joy comfort and peace.
To know an Angel is to be loved by an angel!
To touch an Angel is to truly to be loved.
For you know only love, joy, comfort and peace!

But to brake an angel's heart is to but push then away
and say no, to their heart felt touch.


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