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Song for Mom

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He held her hand in his
smaller than he could believe
touching it to his lips
as he put her on his knee
Then told her the story
About mama and he.

They had met in school
Then became friends of course
Love came very soon
Then they were on their honeymoon

Your mama loved me so,
To this day I know,
that she loved me.
We had our Blue lake, sparkling stars
"We knew the night was ours"
My Angel of love, she touched me from above
She was my angel, I was her knight
Together we would make it through the night.

They drove out to the park
The lake was so blue
He thanked God he knew
She was the one for him
He wished he could do it all again.
Just to hold her close to him.

He told her of their love
How God smiled from above.
How He sent this Angel to him
Just to give him love.

As she sat there so sweet
her eyes brimming with tears
he held her close to him
as he had for all those five years.
He told her of his love
then thanked God above
that he had her with him.

He said "Your mama loved us,
she was my angel, just the same as you
You know you have her eyes, don't you realize
That Mama loved you?"

He sent her off to bed
reminded her to say her prayers.
Then he hung his head
and wished that for all those years
That his little girl knew
That her mama loved her too.

He wanted her in his arms,
with all her loving charms
To see the stars again
Just to do it all again.

~Angel is a Lady~

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