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Poetry by AngelGirl4etrnity

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I am but a rose that bloometh in the desert,
I have lived for many generations,
wondering was there anyone to love?
As I braved the rain storms and other predators,
I have stood through the storms of life.

I've but grown thorns to deffend myself,
but alas this has also become a curse to me.
Though I represent the picture of love,
I have also wounded those that loved me!

Mine heart doth bleed ever so slowly,
for a love to heal my wounds and taketh away mine thorns!
Art thou a brave person full of true love,
that will heal mine heart and taketh away my thorns?

Are thou willing to hold me close to thine heart,
knowing that mine thorns will peirce the very core of thee?
Are thou willing to sacrifice all thy love to care for me?
Are thou willing to take me in thine care,
and love me for all eternity?

I, am a rose


I am a rose that grows in the dessert,
yet i have grown thorns
and they don't even protect me from all harm.
I begin to blossom when I am loved.
Yet lately my petals have been scorched by the sun.
I have burn marks where it once was green with life!

Even my thorns become brittle and fallen off.
I long to feel the rain of love.
To quench my thirst to heal my wounds.
To feel the rain once more would be life for this rose,
'till then I shed my petals one by one hoping that the rain
will fall before the last petal touches the ground!


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