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Surrealism, graffiti, abstract, fantasy, digital, cubism, cartoon, dada art.

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About Us
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We Only Come Out at Night

Welcome to my site. A unique blend of all forms of art ranging from surreal to graffiti by us and others. Most our art consist mainly of surreal, graffiti, and cartoonish art. Our two main galleries: Edson and Andy's Gallery will be the ones displaying them. The rest is just for you. If you're talented and would like to have your work displayed on my site just Email them to me and I'll be sure to put them up ( we would prefer art out of the norm, but all art is welcomed).
Well, enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting us. Come back soon because the galleries will be updated with new art from us and others.
Also, before you leave, don't forget to sign the guestbook. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Update: 02.17.01 too good to be true. well I said I was going to update this thing and never did. I guess this means this is the end of this site. I'll just keep it up for everyone to see. If you've send me some stuff I'l try to have it up in a year or so, lol. Oh well, bye....
Updates: 12.09.00 I basically gave up on this site seeing as how I got too busy with school and my other sites that I run. But last week I got an email from someone saying how he found his way here from a link at, so I was surprise that my site made it's way on their list. That gave me a good reason to keep updating this thing. So I will be fixing up this place and keep adding more work. So now my email box is once again now open for any new work from you. Thanks again and it's great to see this thing up and running again.
Updates: 10.09.00Well I'm sad to say that I will no longer be updating this site. I don't have the time for it anymore. I have two other sites to run and I just can't make any time for this one. Sorry to anyone that has sent me any work. I will try and put them up when I can. But I will no longer be accepting any more. Farewell and goodnite!
Updates: 08.11.00 After many many months of no updates I have finally put a day aside for this site and add the additional art that has been in my email waiting to show it's face in the gallery. Sorry about that. I'm running two additional sites so I don't have much time for this one anymore. I'll probably ask someone to help me maintain this site. I don't know, we'll see. But I'll still be working on it here and there.
You can contact me at and Andy at

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