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The Burbank Blasters

ABOUT US: Team Name: Burbank Blasters Years Together: 5 Hometown: Burbank, CA Coaches: Darlene, Chris and Kristin Carr Players: Trista C. Stephanie B. Judith S. Candace L. Hilary D. Esther D. (<-me) Lindsay S. Amanda P. Shelli W. Erin V. Kacie R. Megan K. and Andie A.

Here is a picture from one of our pratices!

Although I was not in the picture this is my softball team The Burbank Blasters. I love softball! It is my life! I've been playing since second grade. I am now in the eighth grade, so if you do the math I have been playing for about seven years.

My position & how I got there.

I am the catcher on the team. When I first started on this team I was just a out fielder.I played any position. But our catcher broke her leg, but not when she was playing softball. So my coaches pick somone else to play her position. Then at practice our new catcher broke her collar bone. So they had to choose someone to play catcher real quick, because we were half way into our practice and we had a game the next day. So they picked me to play the position, and after those other catchers could play they still keep me at catcher. My coaches call me Shelli Stokes, after the catcher of the USA Team that won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games.


It is all about SOFTBALL!!!

We play softball all year around. During Spring and Summer we play against other teams in the Burbank District. But we also play Winterball. In Winterball we play against other team in Southern California. Winterball is hard because the teams we play against are experienced and sometimes older. But although we are a die-hard team we ALWAYS have fun! Even after a losing streak.


In the beginning their were 13 different teams: The Burbank Blasters, Peaches, Black Magic (my cousins team), Rockies, Heat, Extreme, Waves, Burbank Indians, Pirrettes, No Doubt, Mavericks, Wolves, Event Apparel Hurricanes. But then each team played three practice games. Then they split us up in two divisions: Yearling AA (lower) and Yearling (higher) AAA. Yearling AA: Black Magic (my cousins team), Rockies, No Doubt, Mavericks, Wolves. Yearling AAA:The Burbank Blasters, Event Apparel Hurricanes, Peaches, Heat, Extreme, Waves, Burbank Indians, Pirrettes. In Yearling AA the team just play each other about two times. But in Yearling AAA they split us up again into two divisions: Minors, Majors. My team made it to the majors. Heat is the number one team, the Waves are in second, and The Burbank Blasters and Extreme are tied for third. You may think that we suck because we are in third and not in first, but you havent played against those teams you woudn't know. Heat, Waves, and Extreme have been together for more years than my team has, and those teams have mostly eighth graders. My team is mostly made up of seventh graders and a couple of eighth graders. So we have done pretty good so far. Well we lost our game against the number one, undefeded team Heat. On Tuesday, July 7,1999 we played against Extreme, we tied. On Thursday, July 15, 1999 we played the Waves, we lost. But it was a fun game. I personally think we could of won.

Guess what!

On Tuesday, July 6,1999 my team was at the bat cade hitting balls for a hour, before our game against Extreme. The batcade was making a commercial for their restaurant. We were all there in our uniforms. The manager asked our coach is we would be able to be in the commercial. So we made the commercial. The only thing we had to do was run to the pizza truck and pull out emty pizza boxes and yell out, "Central Park Pizza". After he offered us free pizza and cokes for the next time we go there. There was three other teams in their uniforms there, but the manager choosed us because we are their practically there ever week. Also we were in a local newspaper.

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