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Always & Forever Eddie Cheung Siu Fai | Filmography


TV Serial

Cover Title Year Genre Rating His co-stars
Ultra Protection 1999 Cops Bowie Lam
Marianne Chan
Stephen Ma
Florence Kwok
Angie Cheung
Detective Investigation
Files 4
1999 Cops --- Roger Kwok
Sunny Chan
Louis Koo
Lee San San
Anne Heung
Eileen Yeow
Flying Fox of the
Snowwy Mountain 99
1999 Ancient Felix Wong
Sunny Chan
Joyce Tang
Marco Ngai
Vincent Wan
Maggie Siu
I Can't Accept Corruptions 1998 Cops Monica Chan
Fennie Yuen
Louis Koo
Timmy Ho
The Hitman Chronicles 1998 Multiple stories
--- Terry Fan
Louis Koo
Joanna Chan
Jojo Cho
Wallis Pang
Dark Tales I 1997 Multiple stories
Gallen Lo
Joanna Chan
Yu Siu Fan
Cynthia Yeung
Chin Siu Ho
Unnatural Born Killers 1997 Ancient Ada Choi
Chin Siu Ho
Carol Yeung
Cold Blood Warm Heart 1996 Drama Nadia Chan
Gallen Lo
Julian Cheung
Louis Koo
Waise Lee
Astrid Chan
Cheung Fung Nay
Wallis Pang
Against The Blade Of Honor 1996 Ancient Louis Koo
Vivian Leung
Irene Wan
The Emperor And I 1996 Ancient Marco Ngai
Joanna Chan
Ancient Heroes 1995 Ancient Marianna Chan
Patrick Tam
Jojo Cho
Plain Love I 1995 Romance Gallen Lo
Kathy Chow
Heroes From Shaolin 1995 Ancient Deric Wan
Vivian Leung
Gigi Lai
Being Honest 1994 Comedy Kathy Chow
All About Tin 1993 Ancient Kathy Chow
Beyond Love 1992 Drama
Loletta Lee
A Tale of One City 1992 Comedy Anita Yuen
Dior Cheng
The Self With-In 1991 Drama Gallen Lo
Lily Chung
The Enforcer's Experience 1991 Cops David Siu
Frankie Lam
Sheren Tang
4 Season 1990 Drama Wilson Lam
Kitty Lai
Withered in the Wind 1989 Drama Wilson Lam
Kitty Lai
Tse Ning
The Undercover Story 1989 Drama Simom Yam
Chingmy Yau
The Saga of The Lost Kingdom 1988 Drama Roger Kwok
Margie Tsang
Kathy Chow
Turbulent Decade 1987 Drama Bobby Au Yeung
Deric Wan
Carina Lau
Margie Tsang
Jamie Chik
Dicky Cheung

***If you know any other TV serials which Eddie had starred in, or would like to contribute image cover, make a correction, ect., please notify me. Thank you! All contributors will be given credit.

Last modified on: January 11, 2000