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Idiosyncratic Nonsense (better off as fodder)

Any links would be of great appreciation!

these aren't really meant for anyone but myself, but you see, since I use these "utilities" as I shall dub them, I felt it only appropriate that there be a page for which I may easily access them. Since they, therefore, do not pertain to any of you, (whomever YOU may be) I suppose that it is only fair to conclude that the following links may actually be prescribed for resources should they pertain to you. (i.e. metacrawler for searching, or msn hotmail for ...yadda yadda yadda) you catch my drift... And if not, if for some strange and dillusionary reason, you find yourself completely lost just hit the back button on your browser and be gone..!


Hot Mail
Angel Mail
MetaCrawler (my fav)
The MOTHER of all search engines
Put a lil' spark in your life!
Digital Blasphemy
Dj David X
Doggy Piles
The Wax (Garaunteed fun!)