Daddy I was there

Daddy I was there for you to love,
Not for you to hurt.

I was there for you to cuddle,
Not for you to fondle.

I was there for you to teach,
Not for you to breach.

I was there for you to protect,
Not for you to reject.

I was there to be your little girl,
I was there just to be your world.

It went on and on for ten long years,
I have cried and cried so many tears.

Ten years of my life I spent in fear.
And I've had night terrors for year after year,

I remember the guilt and shame,
I also remember all your head games.

A little baby's dream is shattered,
Not that now it even matters.

Trusting?    Well that is hard to do.
To think that people can be true?

Daddy why did you do this to me?
Why could'nt you just let me be?

Daddy you were not alone, there were more,
All be told, together there were four.

In relationships it's hard to feel,  
For the wounds are deep, and slow heal.

Daddy I was there after you met your own demise,
By your own hand, I could'nt believe that you had died.

It was hard for me to go back to that room,
The one where all I felt was gloom and doom.

I thought to my self "How crule and mean
the spilled blood and filth you left for me to clean."

Daddy the ONLY present you ever gave was on my sweet 16th birthday...
A poem... when I read it, it went on to say....

"What is a Daughter?
A daughter is someone lovely and dear...
Who just grows sweeter year by year."

You made me cold and bitter for a long long time,
But because I forgive you. NOW my soul is mine....

I'm a survivor Daddy....oh yes in deed,
Love, safety, and security is all I need.©

Written by Darlene J.
Septmeber 25,1999

I wanted to thank my special someone who encouraged me to write this   and he knows who he is.... Thank you baby  I Love you!

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