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Yeah baby!~~~I'm dead sexy!~~~Oh, behave!
Just gotta love a Spy with a furry chest and a Milk mustache!!*giggle*
You go Austin Powers!

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Welcome to My SpyRing! I am still constructing this site, so please be careful! This whole site is the direct results of my character on NBC's the Pretender site! I live there and Help Miss Parker, Sydney and Brootsy try to capture Jarod!*eg* I'm Curious, *giggle* that's my name! Altho I have been referred to as, Miss SPY lately! I do WATCH others, SPY in their offices, LURK around the Centre Exchange "intheshadows" to discover all, because I'm UDDERLY Curious to know all about each operative!*eg* I have my chutebuds, to skydive with and then we do Party! I also have MY ROYAL SISTA'S, the best sista's one could have! CÚcile inducted me into her HOPE Brigade. And I found a rubber chicken in my office. It was an invitation to join the Chicken preTENDER Brigade. I donned the infamous chicken suit and did the chicken dance. Cluck here for the Henhouse I was immediate excepted and dubbed the name of Chickenlil. Since I fall from the sky, we thought that was appropriate!*grin* If you aren't familar with the Pretender you should visitNBC's The Pretender You will learn all you need to track down Jarod and join our family in Cyberville, USA. We are a truly unique bunch of people!*lol*
You may have your access denied or limited.*eg* Something's are classified! Still you're visit here, will be intriguing, to say the lest! You will learn things you don't know now! Of course, only if you pay attention!*giggle* I would UDDERLY appreciate and be in you're debt, if you would sign my guestbook!!

this PAA Webring site belongs to Curious!

Smile, you're under surveilance!

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Pages and Links to MALE call & SPY stuff not to mention my other interests!

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