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Time of My (So-Called) Humanoid Life:
The Complete Humanoid Timeline Project

4500 BC
  • Beastmen - reincarnated souls of evil beings - appear in the upper Borean Valley, a frozen land north of Blackmoor. These beastmen are wild, chaotic creatures that do not breed true; whelps may have some or none of the traits of their parents, may be of different size and appearance.
  • This is all brought about by the magic of Hel, an Immortal of the sphere of Entropy, who wants to introduce more confusion, dismay, and death into the world.
  • Gaz10, HW
    3500 BC
  • Blackmoor priests demand the extermination of the "unnatural" beastmen in the Borean Valley, and promote holy wars to hunt down and destroy those creatures.
  • Gaz10
    3200 BC
  • Surviving Beastmen flee to the frozen reaches of Hyboria.
  • Arctic breeds of Beastmen appear.
  • Gaz10
    3000 BC
  • Great Rain of Fire. Blackmoor blows up.
  • Gaz10
    2400 BC
  • Beastmen move south and prosper in the vacated lands of ancient Blackmoor. They are beginning to breed true, in recognisable species. The tribes gather at Urzud.
  • Gaz10, HW
    2000 BC
  • The Beastmen have now evolved into the modern species of orcs, goblins, ogres, giants, and trolls.
  • Gaz10, HW
    1800 BC
  • Steel Wars divide the humanoid tribes. Plague, famine, and massacres ravage Urzud. Population dwindles.
  • Gaz10
    1725 BC
  • King Loark raises the Great Horde at Urzud. They migrate eastwards, continuing Loark's Quest for a Blue Knife.
  • Great waves of hill goblins, trolls, and giants especially begin moving southward into areas now occupied by human settlers.
  • Gaz10, Gaz14
    1722 BC
  • The Great Horde ravages Norwold and learns Norse culture, sending the Antalian culture there into a dark age.
  • Gaz10, HW
    1720 BC
  • Akkila-Khan conquers the southern steppes of Ethengar.
  • Gaz10
    1711 BC
  • Great Horde reaches pre-khanate Ethengar. Akkila-Khan allies with King Loark against the Ethengarian nomads.
  • Gaz10
    1710 BC
  • The Great Horde of King Loark invades the Steppes and enslaves the primitive Ethengars. King Loark's horde is joined by Akkila-Khan's humanoid horde. Together they ravage the steppes.
  • Gaz10, Gaz12
    1709 BC
  • Akkila-Khan betrays King Loark in exchange for lands west of the Dol-Anur. The Great Horde is defeated at the Battle of Chongor, in ancient Ethengar. King Loark's Great Horde splinters; the trolls head east, the goblins south, and the rest of the Great Horde is driven out of the steppes into the Broken Lands and settles there.
  • Gaz10, Gaz12
    1708 BC
  • King Loark retreats from Ethengar.
  • Gaz10 map
    1700 BC
  • Local cataclysm rakes the Broken Lands and buries the Great Horde. King Loark dies, and his horde breaks apart.
  • Giants and trolls are driven south into the Northern Reaches in successive waves of migration.
  • Goblinoids settle in the Yazak Steppes.
  • Gaz10, Gaz7, RS
    1691 BC
  • Resurgence of faith in Ethengar; Akkila-Khan is betrayed by his Ethengar allies, led by Baka Khan; Humanoids driven into the Broken Lands.
  • Gaz10, Gaz12
    1690 BC
  • Akkila-Khan builds a fortress in the Broken Lands, and starts raiding Glantri and Ethengarian borders.
  • Gaz10
    1688 BC
  • Akkila-Khan retires from the world and becomes an Immortal, taking the name of Yagrai. Unaware of the truth, Ethengarians rejoice. Baka declared first Khan of Ethengar.
  • Gaz10, Gaz12
    1681 BC
  • Baka Khan is poisoned. The Ethengars war over his successor. The War of Succession starts.
  • Gaz12
    1310 BC
  • Quest for Steel; Wogar Tribe migrates west from Blackmoor to a great lake, called the Cradle.
  • Gaz10
    1305 BC
  • Prophecy from King Wogar's Great Shaman; Wogar Tribe moves south, along a major river, following the Great Shaman's floating gri-gri.
  • Gaz10
    1300 BC
  • In the Savage Coast, goblinoid hordes decimate elven and Oltec civilisation. Those humans and elves who remain fall to a savage, semi-nomadic existence.
  • RS
    1299 BC
  • Vestland trolls miss a turn and pop-up in Broken Lands. Trollhattan is founded. Bagni Gullymaw eats an elephant. Nithia enslaves the Black Moon horde of trolls.
  • Gaz10
    1296 BC
  • Ogres kill Wogar's Great Shaman at the Battle of Khuzud, and flee with his treasure.
  • Gaz10
    1291 BC
  • The ogres settle in the marginal lands on the edge of the Plain of Fire. They begin to learn the local customs of the Urduks and Sindhis. For a time they live peacefully, only occasionally raiding Urduk herds and Sindhi villages.
  • CoM
    1276 BC
  • Beginning of a 5 year period of sparse rainfall in the Sindhi desert. The Plain of Fire gradually increases in size.
  • CoM
    1271 BC
  • Ogres' wells finally dry up and they move east in search of water and food. Along the way, they devastate Sindhi villages and enslave the villagers.
  • CoM
    1270 BC
  • A great goblin horde lead by Wogar drives through Hule. They ravage the land, slaughtering many people and enslaving the others. Their reign of terror ends when Hosadus, a young holy man, convinces the horde's leaders that the sacred blue knife they seek lies to the east, beyond the Black Mountains - beyond even the Great Waste. Wogar and most of his horde move on, spurred by the unexpected revelation. The remainder stays in Hule as followers of Hosadus.
  • 1269 BC>
  • Ogres settle in Broken Lands. They found Ogremoor.
  • Gaz10
    1263 BC
  • Wogar becomes an Immortal. His tribe continues along the coast to Atruaghin. They learn the use of feathers, war paints, light cavalry tactics, and scalping.
  • Gaz10
    1257 BC
  • The Wogar tribe overruns the southern lands, including Atruaghin and Sind. The Sindhi, strengthened by expert Urduk horsemen, manage to beat back most of the Red Orc attacks.
  • The Atruaghin tribes are not as fortunate, and the Wogar tribe conquers and and enslaves the people of the Atruaghin Clans. Their rule is oppressive and savage.
  • Gaz10, Gaz14, CoM
    1255 BC
  • Now firmly in control of the Atruaghin clans, Red Orcs of the Wogar tribe renew attacks on Sind. Shajapur (near present-day Sayr Ulan) is the first settlement to fall.
  • CoM
    1254 BC
  • Wogar Tribe splits into three nations. One settles south of Atruaghin, another in the Five Shires. The last goes north, torches a trading post called Akorros, then moves to the central Broken Lands.
  • Gaz10
    1253 BC
  • The Sindhi and their Urduk allies are hard pressed by the Red Orc hordes.
  • CoM
    1250 BC
  • Sind is freed of the Red Orcs, due to the timely aid of the Karimari tribesmen.
  • CoM
    1199 BC
  • Misguided Vestland trolls pop up in the Broken Lands. They found Trollhattan.
  • Gaz10 map
    1190 BC
  • Descendants of the Great Horde resurface in the Broken Lands. The Tribes meet again and discover the Rock of Oenkmar and a knife they mistake for one of their legendary artifacts. End of the Quest for a Blue Knife. Truce proclaimed.
  • Gaz10
    1050 BC
  • Great wizards of the Nithians, inspired by the Immortal Pflarr's servant race (the Hutaaka), create the gnoll race by magically blending trolls and gnomes. But they've been deluded that the results might be an equivalent servant-race for the Nithians; instead, the gnolls turn out to be savage, strong, warlike, and prolific. They rebel; they escape and later invade Karameikos. Nithian priests visit the Shamans of Oenkmar. Atzanteotl is increasingly offended.
  • Gaz10, HW
    1000 BC
  • The Broken Lands are overpopulated. Broken Lands orcs, ogres, trolls, gnolls, and goblins migrate outward, especially southward, displacing other humanoid tribes before them. All forces join and raid Rockhome; they are defeated by dwarven King Blystar III. Minor raids go on for 500 years.
  • Some tribes of orcs invade and conquer the region now known as the Five Shires. The realm of Othrong is founded.
  • The Black Moon gnolls cross into southern Darokin. From there, many tribes go south to invade Traldar lands, destroying their Golden Age. Most of the Darokin humans flee north, right into orc territory, where few survive. The Hutaakans retreat to their valley while the Traldar and gnolls practically annihilate one another. By the time the gnolls retreat, the Traldar population is 20% of its pre-invasion amount.
  • Other Black Moon gnolls settle in the Broken Lands, while some continue past into the Amsorak mountains. Their migration coincides with an incursion of goblins and hobgoblins from the Broken Lands, who move into the Amsorak region, as well as the northern Plain of Fire and the western Black Mountains.
  • Some gnolls try to settle in the fertile lands of Sind, and are welcomed as unskilled laborers. Some elect to stay, working for human masters in return for food and shelter. Some move on, discovering the labyrinthine tunnels beneath the Plain of Fire and establishing themselves in the land of Graakh.
  • Gaz1, Gaz8, Gaz10, Gaz11, CoM)
    965 BC
  • The Rising begins in the Five Shires. Halflings battle orcs at the battles of Hinskull and Orcfall. Orc-king Raurgh is slain in the latter battle.
  • Gaz8
    964 BC
  • The Rising concludes with the Battle of Spring Slaughter. The Rule of the Elders is established, and the Kingdom of Hindon is founded.
  • Gaz8
    938 BC
  • The Fall of Hindon; orcs burn the Elderhall. The Dark Years begin. Dwarves and orcs fight for control of the halfling land.
  • Gaz8
    936 BC
  • Battle of Bloody Sands; orcs narrowly defeat dwarves.
  • Gaz8
    932 BC
  • Battle of Fireaxe Field; dwarves achieve a great victory over their orcish foes.
  • Gaz8
    930 BC
  • Battle of the Hill of Cold Teeth; Orc-chief Gaur and his chief rival, Hurag, are slain by the dwarves of Loktal Ironshield.
  • Gaz8
    929 BC
  • Orcish raids of the Glittering Lands (dwarvish name for the Five Shires) increase as Loktal's realm grows richer.
  • Gaz8
    912 BC
  • The Second Rising. Loktal defeats orcs at Brokenfang Falls and rushes north to repel gnoll invaders, but is too weak to withstand a hin revolt. Halflings found the realm of Shaerdon, ruled by a council of hin clan lords.
  • Gaz8
    806 BC
  • Taking advantage of the Clanstrife, orcs come down from the mountains in force and slowly crush hin resistance.
  • Gaz8
    801 BC
  • The Time of Torment begins; hin are enslaved under the orc-king Thrail.
  • Gaz8
    800 BC
  • Using the artifact he constructed at Quauhnahuac, Atruaghin returns from his exploration of the Known and Hollow Worlds to lead his adopted people in a revolt against the red orcs. The conflict is savage, but in the end the Children of Atruaghin are successful.
  • To the west, the Sindhi and their Urduk allies are able to take advantage of the Atruaghin revolt to turn the tables on their own red orc oppressors.
  • Elsewhere, elves settle the central plains of Darokin, driving the orcs living there westwards. Human clans begin to build permanent settlements in Darokin.
  • Gaz11, Gaz14, CoM
    795 BC
  • Red orcs are defeated; they flee east and north.
  • CoM
    784 BC
  • Following the death of Thrail, the reign of Goghkh begins. Torment of the Hin continues.
  • Gaz8
    771 BC
  • Goghkh slain; the Reign of Furgh Oorr begins. Slavery continues, but hin are treated better than before.
  • Gaz8
    747 BC
  • The Orcstrife. Furgh Oorr slain, but no orc can hold the throne; war between orcs erupts across the country. Pestilence. "Savage madness" governs the orcs; much bloodshed.
  • Gaz8
    746 BC
  • Hin discover Blackflame deep under the mountains; Orcstrife continues.
  • Gaz8
    744 BC
  • The Third Rising. Hin defeat the orcs, but humans, gnolls, and dwarves invade the land; lawless times begin. Time of Heroes begins.
  • Gaz8
    610 BC
  • Inspired by the example of Atruaghin and his people some two centuries before, the Hin revolt against the humanoids and reclaim their place as an independent state. The modern Five Shires are born.
  • 528 BC
  • 3,000 Sheyallia elves fleeing from the Serpent Peninsula stumble into the Plain of Fire and discover the intricate networks of caves and tunnels beneath. They settle, war with the gnolls, and eventually cooperate with them.
  • 500 BC
  • Oenkmar Rock sinks into the earth. Weak mainland human tribal cultures in the Northern Reaches are at the mercy of giantish clans. The remaining Black Moon gnolls scatter east and west.
  • 493 BC
  • Queen Udbala of the Broken Lands raises Great Horde again. She recruits goblins and gnolls in the Altan Tepes, and marches north.
  • 492 BC
  • Battle of Sardal Pass. Orcs utterly massacred. Udbala dies. Hordes routed south and west, crowding Cruth mountains and Altan Tepes. Gnomes kicked out.
  • Gaz10
    490 BC
  • Kobold clans are driven into the uplands of the Northern Reaches from the west. They overrun and exterminate the gnomes, and occupy their subterranean kingdoms.
  • Gaz7
    200 BC
  • Orcs control the land to the west of the Streel River, as far south as Akorros. They also control the Broken Lands, southern Glantri, and most of Ethengar. Humans control the areas south of Akorros; elves control Alfheim to the east.
  • Gaz11
    150 BC
  • First contact with Shadow Elves. Elven spies infiltrate the Lands Below and manipulate tribal chiefs into attacking Alfheim. They spread the hatred of the elves.
  • Gaz10
    0 BC/AC
  • First emperor of Thyatis crowned; humans celebrate for weeks.
  • Warlike humanoids (goblins, hobgoblins, orcs) settle in Traladara.
  • The Eastwind clan now holds the allegiance of over 3/4 of the humans in Darokin.
  • Gaz1, Gaz10, Gaz11
    67 AC
  • Orcs living near Lake Amsorak wrest most of Darokin from its human inhabitants in this bloody summer. The humans and elves of Darokin join forces, driving the orcs out. Thousands of orcs flee into Nagpuri, slaying and pillaging as they overrun the lands. Nagpuri's warriors must contend with orc troubles for the next decade.
  • Gaz11, CoM
    87 AC
  • Aden I, King of Darokin, is killed by orcs, ending the Eastwind reign.
  • Gaz11
    88 AC
  • Orcs have been quick to retake their territory from the humans. Elves back Corwyn Attleson, who repels a major attack on Darokin town.
  • Gaz11
    100 AC
  • Goblinoid hordes sweep the Savage Coast again. Tortle civilisation falls, and humans, dwarves, and elves remaining along the eastern coast are prompted to build permanent settlements.
  • RS
    150 AC
  • First contact by humanoids with shadow elves. Shadow elves rejected by Celedryl. Campaign of shadow-elf incitement of humanoids against surface elves begins.
  • Gaz13
    293 AC
  • Last of the orc tribes driven from Darokin.
  • Gaz11
    390 AC
  • Disastrous raid on Alfheim. Some orcs captured.
  • The raid was brought on by shadow elf manipulations; the shadow elves realize that using mercenaries isn't going to win their war against the surface elves.
  • Gaz10, Gaz13
    500 AC
  • Big Chief Sitting Drool unites the Broken Lands. Siege of Corunglain. Orcs threaten Darokin City.
  • Gaz10
    502 AC
  • Corunglain freed. Darokin Punitive Expedition massacred and devoured in Trollhattan. Scandal in Darokin.
  • Gaz10
    520 AC
  • Second Punitive Expedition from Darokin is massacred in Kol. First caravans attempt to cross Broken Lands.
  • Gaz10
    522 AC
  • Second Siege of Corunglain. Villages torched.
  • Gaz10
    523 AC
  • In Darokin, Corunglain falls to the orc armies of Big Chief Sitting Drool. Thousands are killed and the entire city is looted. Enslaved population taken back to Broken Lands.
  • Gaz10, Gaz11
    525 AC
  • Third Punitive Expedition from Glantri and Darokin. Sitting Drool brought back in chains.
  • Gaz10
    526 AC
  • Sitting Drool traded for slaves and gold taken from Corunglain, causing great political uproar in Darokin. Truce with Darokin and Glantri.
  • Gaz10
    527 AC
  • Adventurers assassinate Sitting Drool. Tribes break up again. Various humanoid hordes invade Red Orcland.
  • Gaz10
    610 AC
  • A band of one hundred elves fleeing their recently conquered Sylvan Lands far to the northwest encounter a group of Graakhalians on the Plain of Fire. Most decide to stay; the rest, having problems accepting the gnolls, leave at sword-point.
  • CoM
    700 AC
  • Largest orc horde in modern history invades the northern Shires. They are drawn skillfully into a trap and destroyed at the Battle of Blackflame.
  • Gaz8
    710 AC
  • Heldann the Brave breaks the back of the trolls' nation, is poisoned.
  • JA
    722 AC
  • In Graakhalia, a rebellion by some of the Sylvan Lands immigrants is quickly put down, and the leaders executed.
  • CoM
    800 AC
  • Orcwars. Desperate Broken Lands hordes ravage neighbouring nations for food, treasure, or shelter. Caravans systematically plundered. Cities torched. Agitation in Darokin.
  • Gaz10
    802 AC
  • A plague sent by the orcish Immortal Yagrai spreads into Glantri, and the Glantrians are convinced that the dwarves are responsible, resulting in a vicious war on the dwarves by the people of Glantri.
  • Gaz10
    846 AC
  • Orc horde from the Broken Lands loots Ardelphia, utterly destroying the city.
  • Gaz11
    944 AC
  • Halfling army surprises a gathering orc horde north of Wereskalot, routing them in the Battle of Fire Rock.
  • Xoteczuma is born in Oenkmar.
  • Gaz8
    946 AC
  • Xilochtli is born in Oenkmar.
  • PWA1011
    949 AC
  • Lord Zotl is born in Oenkmar.
  • 951 AC
  • Xilochtli is taken by shamans of Atzanteotl to study at the Great Temple.
  • 954 AC
  • Thar is born in Orcus Rex.
  • PWA1010
    955 AC
  • Zar is born in Kol.
  • 958 AC
  • Doth is born in High Gobliny.
  • 960 AC
  • Yazar is born in High Gobliny.
  • 961 AC
  • Constantin Diocletius (Kol XIV) is born in Kol.
  • PWA1010
    963 AC
  • Yazi gnolls attack Montejo and Aranjuez.
  • Xoteczuma takes a mate, a fellow Wokan.
  • RS
    964 AC
  • Zotl is recruited into the army of Oenkmar, following his family's traditions; Xilochtli is named High Priest of Atzanteotl.
  • 966 AC
  • Xilochtli, under Atzanteotl's instruction, immolates himself. He is resurrected, more dangerous than ever.
  • 967 AC
  • Xilochtli embarks on a crusade to stamp out heretics in Oenkmar; Among the victims sacrificed to Atzanteotl is the husband of Xoteczuma.
  • 968 AC
  • Hutai Khan is born in Hobgobland.
  • 970 AC
  • King Gudmund and the Royal Council of Vestland inititate the Trollheim Homesteading Acts, encouraging settlement of the Trollheim Hills.
  • Moghul-Khan is born in Yellow Orkia; Ohr'r is born in Bugburbia.
  • Gaz7
    972 AC
  • Thar becomes a Nosferatu (1). King Oth deposed following failed raid on Hobgobland; Doth takes over rule of High Gobliny.
  • 973 AC
  • Yazar routs the armies of General Zar (2); Later, she and Doth are married- a marriage of convenience.
  • 974 AC
  • Zotl becomes general of the Oenkmarian army, after a distinguished career.
  • 975 AC
  • OrcWars: King Thar unites the Broken Lands; Haa'k Hordar is born in Trollhattan; Red Orcland is freed of High Gobliny rule (3).
  • Darokin commerce is threatened. Tharian Code of Conduct is enforced. The Legion is created. Thyatis frowns at the military threat.
  • 976 AC
  • Alebane is born in Ogremoor; Hoolg Red-Mane is born in Red Orcland.
  • PWA1010
    977 AC
  • Ximanga is born in Red Orcland; Thar institutes the creation of the Legion; Nizam Pasha is born in Gnollistan.
  • 982 AC
  • Ohr'r is expelled from Bugburbia and sent into Glantri with his gang of toughs.
  • 984 AC
  • After a long career with the Fellowship of the Pouch in Glantri, Ohr'r is finally caught by Prince Jaggar and sent back to Bugburbia. He is named Chieftain not long after.
  • 989 AC
  • Ximanga is kidnapped and taken to Oenkmar.
  • Notes:

    1. Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany, angered at having one of his spellbooks stolen, slaughters much of Chief Thar's horde (the rest flee like the cowards they are). He turns Thar into a Nosferatu and sends him back to the Broken Lands to wreak havoc among the pitiful humanoids there, in order to teach them a lesson. Of course, Thar's newfound powers enable him to more quickly rise to power than otherwise would have been possible. Note also that, even if Thar himself didn't consider vampirism a threat to his rule, Prince G-W wouldn't want a bunch of humanoid vampires threatening him either (recall his laws in his own barony in Glantri), so Thar will not spread this condition, in any event.
    2. Yazar distinguishes herself in this latest Kol- High Gobliny war, winning the loyalty of many High Goblinians; factions form between her supporters and Doth's.
    3. This maneuver is widely regarded as a large coup on Thar's part. In order to break up the power of High Gobliny, Red Orcland is returned to its proper rulers. This also earns Thar the admiration of the Red Orclanders.
    That's about all I've got so far. There are still a few notable events to place in the "prehistory" of the Broken Lands, among them Alebane's gladiator days, Moghul-Khan's lycanthropy, Nizam's holy crusade in Ylaruam, plus a few others.