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Geographic Overview - The Ancient World (c. 4000 BC)

Archlis (Barony of)

Blackmoor (Kingdom of)

Booh (Shire of)

Borno (Duchy of)

Bramwald (Barony of)

Dragonia (Barony of)

Egg (Realm of)

Frog Island

Glendower (Barony of)

  • Important Figures: Bascom Ungulian (F16), Baron of Glendower.
  • Flora and Fauna:

    Lakes (Barony of the)

    Maus (Barony of)

    Northern Delving

    Peaks (Duchy of the)

    Ramshead (Shire of)

    Redwood (The)

    Skandahar (Lands of)

    Ten (Duchy of)

    Thonia (Empire of)