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Blackmoor and the North

Eventually, I hope to put a lot more expansion material for Mystara's version of Blackmoor on this page, but for right now, I just have these couple of pieces.


Timeline of Blackmoor on Mystara: Here is the most complete timeline I could put together, using all of my Mystara sources as well as the D20 Blackmoor Campaign Setting book that recently came out from Zeitgeist games!

Atlas of Blackmoor: In "Poor Wizard's Almanac" format, here is an atlas of the realms of Blackmoor.


In the following maps, I've tried to do a couple of things. 1) Shoehorn the maps of the DA series of modules (at 12 miles per hex) in the standard 24 and 8 mile hex maps of the Gazetteer series, and 2) Find a place for Blackmoor on Mystara. Though formerly a long time "Blackmoor on Brun" advocate, I am currently in favor of putting the region on Skothar, due largely to Havard Faanes' maps (see the links section). He's made a believer of me.

Blackmoor at 24 miles per hex.


Some other areas on the web where you can find out more information about Blackmoor!"

Blackmoor of Mystara: Havard Faanes' website is nicer looking and more extensive than mine is!
Zeitgeist Games: These guys are currently developing a d20 version of Blackmoor, in conjunction with its creator, Dave Arneson. It should be out soon!

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