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Far to the north of the lands of the Known World, even far removed from the newly created dominions of Norwold, lay a kingdom spoken of only in rumor. Still a young nation by the standards of other realms, its roots nevertheless reach far back in time. It is a realm of stalwart heroes and nefarious villains, a nation forged from the legacies of terrible warfare, yet possessed of virtue and hope for a bright and glorious future.

This is the Kingdom of Ghyr.

Welcome to the lands of Ghyr! This gazetteer will serve as an introductory guide for players and Dungeon Masters alike who wish to adventure in the harsh yet rewarding lands of the north. The Kingdom of Ghyr is set on the fantasy world of Mystara, and is based on materials presented in the Dungeons & Dragons modules XL-1: Quest for the Heartstone and O1: The Gem and the Staff. It also features characters in the 1980 line of Dungeons & Dragons toys by LJN.

The author would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their contributions and assistance in the project:

Geoff Gander, Shawn Stanley, Marco Dalmonte,

Now- onwards to glory!

The Brutes: Denagoth's Primeval Inhabitants!

A Working Map of the Kingdom of Ghyr

A History of Ghyr