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Friends and Places on the Web

Brian Johnson was my supplier- of comics- in Arizona, and continues to be my main source even though I'm here in CA. He always offers the best deals, and a weekly newsletter on the latest about the comic industry! Stop by and give him shit for me.

Ed Paynter has been a friend of mine since middle school, and even though I don't keep in touch with him as much as I'd like, it's good to know he's out there on the web.

My Alma Mater.

My former place d'emploi, and a place that I find it hard to stay away from... proximity breeds familiarity, and all that.

Jordan Farrow and Planet of the Chimps: A friend and former college roommate, Jordan's put together a site of his own. It's fairly basic, but hey, who am I to comment?

Margaritaville: What Parrothead's site would be complete without a link to this page?

Better yet, why not try

for some rocking tunes all day and all night long.

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