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Rule Modifications for "Battle of the Bands"

Anyone familiar with the Amber DRPG knows that rules are hardly the most important aspect of an Amber game. However, the rules do have an effect on what players will do with their character designs and what the characters can do during the game. Thus, to better fit the changed setting and to put some firewalls around a few things the GMs would rather keep starting characters free of, we present the following rule modifications.


Character Basics

Allowable Contributions

Good and Bad Stuff

Primal Powers (Pattern and Logrus)

Advanced Powers

Artifacts and Constructs




Allies and Devotees


NEW POWER - Chi Focusing


Please note that Strength includes martial arts training and Endurance is the primary attribute for the new Chi Focusing power (defined below). Psyche & Warfare are still as valuable as ever.

Also note that the GMs put special emphasis on being first ranked. Even if only better by a single point, the first ranked character is significantly better than any lesser-ranked character.




It is also significant to note that, in this version of things, the ability to gain a Primal Power does not seem to be based on bloodline. Most of the Elders are not related. A character with a power is able (depending on their Psyche and knowledge of the power) to identify others with the potential to control that power. But it is still a matter of much study, self-development and risk. Navigation of the Pattern or the Logrus is never without risk, even to someone who has previously survived the ordeal!