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Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame

The King

Elvis Barimen was the founder and long reigning ruler in Amber.

The Kid



'Kid' Random Barimen (?)


Corwin 'Buddy' Barimen

For a long time believed to be dead, Corwin resurfaced from the depths of the Wastelands in order to participate in the first Battle of the Bands.

He apparently met his demise at the hands of Death outside of the Eternal City 100 years ago.

He is as deadly with a sword as he is talented with his hollow bodied six-string guitar.




Eric 'Slowhand' Barimen

Among the eldest of the Amberites, Eric assumed the throne of the Eternal City at a time when it was believed Oberon was dead.

He met his demise defending Amber from the infernal hordes of Chaos.

Eric's talents with the sword and guitar were believed to be greater than that of any of his siblings, save Benedict.






Caine Marley, 'the Prophet'

Known as the Prophet for his radical beliefs and interpretation of the Unicorn's Doctrines, Caine was the pioneer of the Rastafarian movement in Amber.

He faked his own death in order to uncover the conspirators behind the attempt to take over the throne of Amber, only to return at a pivotal moment at the Battle of the Bands in Chaos.

It is thought that he met his demise at the hands of Death somewhere in the Wastelands, but he has faked his death before…


Gerard 'Bubba' Buffett

Bleys 'Liberace' Barimen (Liberace)

Brand 'Morrissey' Barimen (Morrissey)

Julian (Some country/hick guy)

Jimi Benedict



Fiona (Janis Joplin?)


(Some female artists- Madonna, Janis, Shania,