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Descendants of Duke of Normandy 1028-1035 Robert I The Magnificent

Second Generation

2. King of England William I The conqueror, (Robert I ) was born 14 Oct 1024 in Falaise, Normandie. He died 9/10 Sep 1087 in Priory of St. Gervais, Rouen.


William married Matilda of Flanders Countess of Flanders Queen of England on 1053 in Cathedral of Nortre Dame d'Eu, Normandy. Matilda was born about 1031. She died 2 Nov 1083 in Caen, Normandie.

They had the following children:

  3 M i Robert II Curthose Duke of Normandy was born 1054.
  4 M ii Duke of Bernay Richard was born about 1055.
  5 F iii Cecilia of Holy Trinity, Abbess of Caen, was born 1056.
  6 F iv Adeliza, Nun was born 1055.
  7 M v William II, Rufus King of England was born 1056/1060.
  8 F vi Constance, was born about 1066.
  9 F vii Adela Countess of Blois was born about 1067.
  10 F viii Agatha was born about 1064.
  11 F ix Living
+ 12 M x King of England 1100-1135 Henry I "Beauclerc"

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