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Our Favorite Links

Here are some of the links we used to develop the family history. We have many more that will be included as time passes. Please use these links to conduct your own research. You will find many other links leading off of them. Wander around and see what you can find. As links are always updating you may find other information that we have not uncovered. Let us know is you discovered anything new and interesting by e-mailing us at the address below. If you have any other sites you would like us to include please e-mail us and we will review them for posting on this page. Have fun!

The Ladies Side of Things

Please send questions to me at this address.
Cyndi's List-a good starting point for any research
Robert Fitzwilliam, one link into the royal houses. To go back further click on Mother's and Father's names.
1066-List of Knights for the Battle of Hastings. Interesting site, but I haven't found our name there. We do know that the female side of the family was from Normanday. Right time and place.
Royal Links, great site for Peerage and royals. Takes you to Brian Tompsett's Main page.
DuBois Family Association. Interesting information on Louis du Bois.
DuBois-going back to ancient times. Very Large Surname List.
Hancock Family-our family members are Elizabeth Hancock Madison who was married to John Henry Madison.
Crow Family Forum on GenForum
Ancestry World Tree-Searchable Genealogy Database
Chenoweth History-Descendants of Jacob Van Meter(5)
Large Index of Surnames-Van Meter and many others
Links for Missouri
The Olive Tree Genealogy New Netherland Ships Passanger Lists
The Van Meter Farm
Tom DuBois Home Page
Van Meter(en)
Van Meter Family
Van Meter Ford Bridge in West Virginia
Van Meter State Park
Van Meter(en) Family
Wonderful site with lots of history on the VanMeter Family, Our family traces into this site with Rachel Van Meter. Then on back from their.

Crow pages and others

Monarchs of Britain
Crow Family of Roane County,TN The Robert Crow Family
The Judith Ann Crow House of Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Women in the West and on the Trail. Very interesting site.
A Journal of our Travels across the Mountains to California
Trail Maps-Oregon California Trail Association

Still More Web Pages

Free Web Building Help
The San Francisco Historical Society on line
Gateway to Genealogy Forms and Charts
California Genealogical Society
Genealogy Help Network
Genealogy at the National Archives
U.S. GenWeb Project