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Hi, my AKC name is Sweet Peaís Everloving Holly, UD, CGC, but you can just call me Holly. Iím a 13-year young Golden Retriever, and I live with my mom and dad, two sisters (miniature Dachshunds) and a flock of parrots.

My favorite sister is Rachel, (a red doxie). She and I are best buddies, and we get along perfectly. Thatís because she lets me be Top Dog (even though we both know sheís the boss). I let her play with all of my toys (which is not always a good idea because she kills them all), and we do everything together.

My other sister, Heidi, (a black-and-tan miniature doxie), and I get along ok, but she gives me the feeling that she doesnít like me very much. Maybe itís because she and Rachel used to be best buddies before I came along. They were about 2 years old, and I was only seven weeks old, but I was bigger than they were. That made Heidi a little nervous and jealous, but not Rachel. She took to me right away, and we became best friends ever since.

Rachel still loves Heidi, though, because once she growled and snapped at me when I accidentally stepped on Heidiís toes and made her yelp. Iíve never seen Rachel that ferocious before. I guess she thought I was hurting Heidi on purpose.

Thanks for visiting my site. Just click on the bones to enter the page you want to view. Come back often as there will be continued updates. As you will see, I like to talk. Please remember to sign my guest book below!

(Rachel passed away on November 19, 2007 at the age of 14 from an enlarged heart, and Holly on August 25, 2008 at 13-1/2 from a tumor in the heart. Holly lived a full, happy, and useful life as you can see from her site.)

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