it's me, i'm back,
gettin fat on my rack,
with finals on my back,
and no mo time to slack,
it's late, don't hate,
i be back befo 8,
i be toyin with fate,
cuz i aint thinkin straight,
it's tang, no shame,
drinkin vodka like a game,
don't act surprised if i came
to ur door, not the same!

2ND verse
misfits, tough shits,
gotta keep all my wits,
cuz when reality hits,
its been a week without tits,
"Chill, dean," those screams,
are just a sign of who's mean,
and if i can't make u cream,
i can still make u clean,
i've rocked, i've jocked,
but i will not be stopped,
cuz it's time to concoct
schemes of which even you will shocked!

i'm bare! why stare?
cuz i'm the whitest Asian out there,
i got skillz for every affair,
more than you would ever dare!
u'll wish, for more kitsch,
you actin so devilish,
but i'll still go straight for the fish,
cuz it's just my favorite dish.
trust this, won't miss,
i put it in like a fist,
u'll be in a new state of bliss,
i don't care how hard u resist.
10-till, i'm still
out jackin some dill,
but i'm comin' back for the kill,
cuz it's all about will!

rehab ain't drab,
i'm still good for a grab,
i'll still come play in ur lab,
experiment with ur crab,
get laid, get paid,
true pimps be born and not made,
u'll need sex for a decade
before learning tricks of my trade,
got rice? think twice!
i'd rather serve vodka on ice,
eat out ur sugar with spice,
now that's what i call paradise!
shut-up!, cheap slut,
i don't want lip, i want butt,
i'm not a fruit, i'm a nut,
i make orgasms erupt.

Ainít smart? Then donít start!
U just werenít born for da part
What u call hard, I call art,
Donít make me tear u apart.
No beef, just leaf,
So come take a smoke with da chief,
Letís make da most of our week
With nerdy girls who donít sleep--
Last shot, donít stop,
i opt to make panties drop,
open ur legs like a shop,
i plant my seed like a crop.
Allís done, whoís dumb?
I can read while I cum,
Donít hate me just cuz I have funÖ
Hey, at least I wonít be a bum!
I got verve, without nerve,
i get the grade i deserve,
but even though i'm a perv,
i can still jack-up the curve.