Tang was advised by his UCLA cousin, Gloria Fong, to attend Session 101 of orientation so he could get first pick at the classes he wanted. Most of his time was devoted to class selection and seminars. However, Tang spent a lot of down time meeting people. He must've talked to at least 80% of the freshman student body and pulled two straight all-nighters to party and hang out at lounges. His counselor told him to take the hardest classes in the Honors Program, and Tang accepted the challenge. He also had the chance to work out in the weight room and play ping-pong. The people there are very friendly and thuggish. Only, unlike most Palm Coast hoodlums, these are people who would get body parts pierced and make 1600s on SAT's, go to drinking parties and have national AP awards, be good at sports and still participate in community service. Oh yeah, and the school is also like 60% Asian, so Tang feels he'll fit in real well, real fast...and maybe too well? For you people who don't know UCLA...well, let's just say the dorms are conveniently co-ed, meaning dorms in the same floor alternate guys-girls, and the flagrant fact that condoms were handed out and openly and intellectually discussed on stage during this three-day orientation. Tang worries about whether or not he should wear an assplug when he goes to sleep. The good thing though is that the faculty in L.A. is very cool and thuggish. Tang had already made initiatives to join the Chinese-American club, the Honors Collegium, the Math club, and Cross-Country too! But Tang worries that like his Senior year, his extra actitivities will get in the way. The weight room will probably replace self-mutilation, as it is two-stories, each being twice the size of Tang's high-school cafeteria. Tang did one thing stupid though, he didn't identify himself on the Chemistry test and has to retake it in September, but he has no worries, cause it was very easy for him. Tang was in Nichol Davis's group, as you can see in the picture below.

Bottom row: Yosef
Middle row: Sage, Sharon, Tang, Kimberly
Top row: Adam, Nichol, Kim, Dan

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