6th-7th week a RIOT!!!

3 midterms, a huge term paper (which Tang did in 3 hours), reading some Jane Austen novels, and planning his first TAU event--not exactly Tang's idea of a relaxing day in the sun.

However, add to that 2 HUGE dances, 2 HUGE on campus events, the TAU club event, and more parties than anyone can remember and this year has ended on a high, high note for Tang. (Not to mention his roommate "converted" to nonalcoholic and donated all his "soda" to Tang). Before finals week, Tang plans to go to Tijuana, Mexico with his roommate too!

And without further adieu, a massive compendium of pictures from all the events!

These pics are from the Valentines dorm dance from back in February.

These pics are from the KICKASS dorm formal "This Side of Midnight"

Who else but the pimp can get together a crowd like this? L to R: Linda, Alana, Tang, Kitty, and Yvonne

Yes, this happened on the same night, including a memorable slow dance where Tang danced with all of them! Wooooo! L to R: top: Linda, Elaine, Juliet, middle: sorry-forgot-name, Tang, bottom: Susan, Alana

Panda, whom Tang met at orientation, and her guy looks like they had fun. They also attended the "party" later that night.

Tang and his Hedrick friends

Tang's Hedrick friends, Stacy and Helen.

TAU Speedzone night

The "big feast" in Rowland Heights!

"Boy" and "Woman" united at last!!

Jenn Liu and Sharon get down at the ACA house party afterwards.

Justin celebrates by finishing his victory lap--he's now happy in the lap of victory.

Tang says "I ride alone."

Ben T. in the heat of the battle.

Thomas, Vicky, Justin, and Phillip prepare for takeoff.

some old pics of TAU Broomball


pics of Tang and Co. in Deneve

Tang gets a rare visit from Joan.

Kenny dons the apron for the first time.

Roberto when he's sober.

Tang will soon be sober.

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pics of TAU Olympics, Tang's first event as A.Director!

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pics of Tang at the all-UC ACA dance!! so many ASIANS!!

pics of Roberto's farewell BBQ party

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pics of TAU banquet

pics of summer!!!

Please, keep a safe distance--for my sake, that is...


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