Tang's well underway in his second quarter at UCLA. So far, it's been an event-filled quarter, and Tang's been so busy he has yet to go home. So here's the good news, the good news, and the good news.
1. Tang made straight Bs his first quarter, which is far better than he had expected considering he had Cs and Ds at the half.
2. Tang made many new friends at UCLA. He has neighbors that burn just about everything. His attended a Chinese New Year dinner and won a mahjong game contest, and went to Taiwanese club and won a raffle drawing for some "bomb" figure.
3. Tang went clubbing, once at Tom Bradley Hall, which had cool music. Then, he went again with people on the whole entire floor, to a club called "The Ruby," he had fun, but people there were scary. Tang almost got raped by a goth girl as people on his floor watched in horror. Then, the fun turned into disgust as a group of guys started dancing on a high platform and were feeling and kissing each other. Sick! Tang plans to go to another club this Friday with the Chinese club at the L.A. Hyatt Regency.
4.Tang is planning to go paintballing next weekend with his Taiwanese club.
5.Tang's done exceptionally well on all 3 of his midterms so far, all of them being A's...he has one more tomorrow and 2 more in 2 weeks.
6.Tang submitted a movie script to a contest by a company based in Hollywood!
7.Tang got to reunite (online at least) with a long-lost friend who also moved from FL to CA.
8.Tang found an Evy-lookalike so much like Evy that even Evy got scared. They hardly talk though.
9.There was a LAPD drug raid on Tang's floor last night, and a bunch of people got taken away.