STEP 1----------

Soak immediate injury in a bucket that is 50% boiling water, and 50% cold sink water until water becomes cold. Force yourself to submerge the entire foot in hot water for long periods of time until you can endure leaving it in the bucket.

STEP 2----------

Put on Chinese chili-pepper plasters, aka Vorwerk Chili Brand's Porous Capsicum Plaster. Cut plaster to conform to injury shape and size. Sleep for at least 8 hrs or until you really feel the burn.

STEP 3----------

Now this is the tough part, redo the hot water trick from step 1, but this time with the chili-pepper plaster still on your foot. Now, when you try submerging it in hot water, you will get a very powerful burning sensation in the area. WARNING: THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST PAINFUL FUCKING EXPERIENCES YOU'LL FEEL IN YOUR LIFE!!! Prepare a clean cloth to put in your mouth to bite on--very painful! But by the time you fully submerge your foot for about 30-40 seconds, the pain will usually go away. Now, to expedite healing, swing your ankle in the hot water to make the burning come back! Do this until the water is not hot anymore and stop, or if you prefer, go for another bucket and repeat the process.

STEP 4---------

Remove the pepper pad and put on a new one before you sleep. Repeat steps 3-4 everyday, and try to do various stretching, twisting exercises everyday in the hot water--it will increase your stiff ankle's range of movement.

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