Many of you out there might have wondered what the hell happened to my website--it's been dead...well, that's cuz I been having too much damn fun out there with yallz. Who can forget all the memories this fall quarter----

  • Big Benny, me, and the boyz meeting Yvonne and Cathy at Sigma Pi on black Sunday
  • making that damn pachinko board with Vicky
  • going to Aadesh's party and getting hella drunk with Whiteee
  • going to a TV taping, and meeting Derek Fisher
  • cramming 5 girls in one car for Mystique and being chased by cops through Westwood
  • getting MESSED-UP at an ACA party (like 18 shots) and promising to quit drinking (for fun that is)...
  • meeting a nationally-reknowned model!
  • going to Bootcamp w/ Sexy Vivy, Voluptuous Josie, Scintillating Julia, and her D4 friends, cramming 6 girls in one car and having a slooty-good time
  • donating blood for the first time, and finding out mine is the wrong color! (seriously, UCLA med. center is still baffled)
  • sneaking into Covel with Fishy at 5AM to watch the sunrise
  • streaking down Dykstra 7 during Thanksgiving break
  • coming out of a tunnel on I-10 and crashing into a refrigerator blocking the lane at 90 mph
  • TAU Ski Trip, seeing snow for the first time, and falling on my ass 30 times
  • breaking into Dykstra Hall over Christmas break

    Thanks ALL!! It's been a trip!...high drama! Let's make next quarter betta!

    FALL QUARTER TAU PICS (courtesy Lewis Wang, Thomas Chiang, Ben Tseng, Rebecca Hu, and the UCLA TAU website)

    Tang, Victor, and the boyz takeover the house as TAU, CSA, and ROCSA take over Rowland Heights.

    Tang and his all-star Dumpling Nite team lookin sexay as hell!

    Robin, Lewis, and Tang flashing their Happy Boyz sign.

    No, this is not the Green Card Bureau, it's KTV Nite!!

    Another KTV shot of Tang and co.

    KTV was definitely a night to remember as everyone celebrated TAU's taking of First Place when Victor Huang edged out all other contestants.

    Another KTV pose.

    Juicy Jennifer lookin good as she leads a meeting.

    TAU hard at work discussing the big show of next year.

    Tang hard at work discussing the private show for that night.

    Who is that hottie with Tang? None other than THE Rebecca Hu.


    "You're my greatest gift," Tang tells Ben at the TAU gift exchange.


    The secret to surviving hell (aka finals week).

    Tang with floormate Cathy during the Halloween festivities.

    A close-up of the injury...notice the purple outline at the bottom of the ankle...love that internal bleeding.

    Frequent visitor Alice Chiu is stuck between a hard place and a hard place.


    FALL QUARTER NSU PICS (courtesy NSU website)

    CLASSIC IS FOUND!! (photo courtesy: Marjory Lavery)
    In 1995, Tang participated in the National Spelling Bee with 247 other contestants in Washington DC. All records of his achievements are lost until recently, when Tang contacted a girl by the name of Marjory Lavery, the 2nd place winner in the nation of that year! She was nice enough to scan this contestant profile for Tang! Wooooo! Thanks, Marjory!

    More Fall '01 Madness

    Tang's Thanksgiving Treat for the deserted Dykstra 7 Halls....


    Tang looks to get ready to prepare his monologue at TAU Orientation, but everyone has run off...why?

    "Is it hard yet?"

    "It is now!"

    Tang's morning routine is one that only Osama could love.

    Tang chillin with Aadesh, one of his De Neve friends from last year.

    The gang's all here! From L to R: Tang, Hamid, Aadesh, Caesar, and Ian.

    Tang with his acting classmate, Claudia...but this is not acting!

    Tang with the commercial celebrity-man, J.Dogg, in the Thugs 'R Us pose.

    Tang hanging with the Korean crowd from Theater 20, from L to R: Joo, Tang, Joong Ho, Shane, and Erica.

    Tang with his co-star Joo who successfully pulled off the lengthy one-act "Johnny and Wilma" in class sacrificing too much!

    Tang and Shane both shared interests in film making.

    Memorable for their S&M threesome act in class, Tang, Rafael, and Pedro promise to come out with a sequel soon!