When Words Hinder Ass

Ever hear of statutory rape? I think it's one of the dumbest fucking laws ever made. In fact, I think all laws made are the dumbest fucking laws ever made. This country ain't as "free" as you think it might be. I mean, any country that bans sex with people under 18 is downright oppressing freedom. They might as well make a fucking law saying people over 60 can't have sex cuz their dick ain't straight no more and their children may end up being deformed little shits that believe they can avoid comets by jumping off a skyscraper. Sure, "innocent little children" will not be able to take care of children if they get pregnant at 17. But do you think 60 year old geysers can raise a kid off social security after they fuck each others' brains out in the "wheelchair position"? Why do they make a law that hinders one from smoking marijuana and cocaine? Because it's harmful? In that case, they might as well illegalize tacks; any stupid fucker who swallows some tacks is gonna be pretty fucked up, but it was their choice and it was their business. There shouldn't be a law against shit like that, cuz anyone that does that shit DESERVES to die. Why can't the same rules be applied to marijuana and coke? Why is there a speed limit when it's obvious that if your real intention was to kill people you should be driving through a mall or maybe even a concert. People go on the road cuz they want to get somewhere in a hurry. Any dumb fucker that drives 90 on the freeway cuz they aimin' to crash somebody is about as dumb as a Taliban. The bottom line is--why can't there just be no laws and everyone will respect each other--if you shove granite up my ass, I'll shove a pipe up yours. This way, people will be more respectful, and won't feel like their being hindered by the government. If this nonsense doesn't stop soon, one day the government will levy a tax everytime I go take a piss (by order of the 1673rd Amendment). Then I'll move to Mongolia where I can piss on camels and marry concubines all I want. Sure the nation may be run by nomadic fascists, but at least they know how to have a good time. Am I makin sense yet?