Fun Shit Is Good Shit

I've always wondered my purpose in life...I could go and be that diligent scientist who invents new technological shit for the greater good of humanity, and come home every once in a while to jack-off behind some potted plants, and say "hi" to the kids. Or would I rather be a freelance filmmaker and do whatever the hell I fell like doing (like getting some Oscar-quality pussy)? Hmm....

I think I'll go for the latter. Why? Let's do a little comparing & contrasting. 1. Life's too short to be wondering what you want to do, compared to what your parents want you to do. 2. Doing most jobs is the same shit everyday---hell that's even more tiresome than my masturbation routine. 3. I get to leave my mark on this cursed planet. Hell, for starters, I'd damned if anyone knows all the Nobel Prize Winners from the past year, even those "Who Wanna Be a Millionaire" fuckers. These guys work their ass off for shit! Everyone, however, knows about pruny-ass Michael "Limp" Douglas, who's starred in more films where he gets paid to bang women younger than his granddaughter than most people could at his stage of impotence. Asshole or not, I'd rather be in Michael's spot. 4. Just to show those nonbeliever bastards who said "you'll never make it" what I'm made of. One day, they'll come crawlin back askin to suck my log for an autograph--

End of transmission.