The Pink Is Not Enough

Did you know what I found out today? I found out nearly 60% of males and females think about sex at least once or twice a day...shit, all this time, I thought it was just me. So why the hell is sex so rejected? I'm not saying we go nude and bone everyone, but once a week sounds like a nice round number. Isn't that the way nature instructed us to be, I don't see rabbits following each other around the forest for years before they hit the why we humans gotta be such a goddamn impotent exception? We gotta hide all the "naughty stuff" from kids, so they grow up to be preppy, cultured little bastards and fail to identify with what their mission in life is--have mo sex!...which brings us to our next topic--porn. What's wrong with porn? Why censor something that exists on every fucking one of us (unless you one of those poor bastards who committed date rape in Iraq and got castrated)? Why limit the genre to adults only? Yes yes--alcohol kills brain cells, smoking kills lung cells, but hell what does porn do, how is porn harmful...sure as hell don't harm dick cells, at least not mine. Sure sure, them fucking critics and arty scumbags gotta rant and rave all day about how video games make kids shoot people and porn can emotionally scar children and whatnot...So what, that didn't make me turn into an anatomically altered, trisexual, cross-dressing motherfucker. Whatever I didn't learn on the goddamn Discovery channel was eventually covered in health class, just in time for me to observe my testicles drop down. The world needs to come more to their instinctive senses...that Mother Nature makes us think about this horny shit for a reason...and since we seem to all like it (when done the right way), why are people so timid-assed about it? It's time to get some...for real, son...!!