"Bi Bi Bi!!"

Doesn't it piss you off when you talk to a girl and all they talk about is how they wanna marry Brad Pitt or that queer little kid from N-Sync who hasn't hit puberty yet? Like they're ever gonna meet them. I, for one, would not walk around all day with the notion hanging over my head, that there might be the possibility I might bump into Pamela Anderson, and she might cordially invite me to fuck her brains out. No, I, along with most men, would just pick the best girl out of however many were in a group, be it 100 or 2. Moreover, I would go for something much more practical, like Hey, maybe that flight attendant has a fetish for Asian guys and would like to spank the hell out of me. I would not care if her hair color matched with her panties, barring that her hair was white. I would not care if she knows how to say "lick me" in 3 romantic languages. I would not care if she never bought me red little teddy-bears that I could pet and stroke all night. I would not care if she smoked or drank, as long as she shares her stash with me. I would not care about her family background unless her brother was also her son. I would not care if she was college-educated, as long as she could open her mouth without thinking I'm gonna put food in her mouth. The big fuckin mystery is: why do girls make such a big deal about all that unimportant stuff, and why do they chase far-fetched wet-dream fantasies than go for someone within reach (and I do mean "reach")? Me....I think girls should just forget about their nonsense and go for what's available, in most cases, it's me: TCBY (the country's best yogurt).