On 9/20/00, Tang and his mom drove up to UCLA to talk to the Cashier's office and to get some of Glo's stuff up to her. Halfway up Strathmore, the car's engine stopped. Tang started it up and slowly got it to go up to Dykstra, where it stopped 2 more times. Finally, they managed to get it up to Rieber Hall, where Glo waited, and were just able to get it halfway parked when it died again, and wouldn't start up. So, they unloaded the stuff and went upstairs to Glo's room to call Tang's dad, who was at work. Tang thought it funny when his mom said "It just died" in Mandarin and Glo still understood it, even though she speaks Cantonese. Then, Tang gave it another try by putting it on neutral and rolling it down the hill to Dykstra, where he found a small space reserved for UCLA caterers, but he parked there anyways, and Glo left a note saying "do not tow." Then, Tang and his mom went to take care of the financial aid stuff. After that, they waited and waited for Tang's dad to come. Tang was bored and slept on the roof of the car, and shocked some people walking by. At 5:30PM (almost 5 hours later), Tang's dad showed up. There was a trick to the car when navigating through hills and Tang's dad never told him. Slowly, they made their way back home, and the car died one more time on the freeway, but luckily it started up again.

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