Best of Times, Worst of Times

End of 2nd quarter

Second quarter was a whole new experience for Tang. His work load was 17 credits, his friends have more than doubled, and he spent about 1/10 to 1/20 less time on the computer than he did last quarter.

His love interest on the other side of the country soon grew into a frustration interest when he couldn't spend enough time to talk to her, and things went sour. To add to it, her annoying friend , and admirer who's trying to undermine the whole relationship, named Kenric, totally pissed him off by impersonating her online. When Tang found out he told him off.

On the high end, Feb. and Mar. saw many more opportunities and friends--more clubbings and outings with his friends. Memorably, his broomball night with TAU sent him home with bruised limbs, only to go to a huge UCLA, USC, UCI, UCSD, UCR joint party-night! with his cousin!! He found a more convenient and quiet place to workout, made good friends better friends, bad enemies worse enemies, shaved his hair, celebrated his birthday, aced and failed midterms, and walk to classes in downpours on a regular basis. He met people to carpool with to go back home. He went to a family get-together and saw a cousin he's never met before. He only had time to play pool with Whitee once. This was both a tumultuous and exciting time for Tang. He has even made near-future plans to visit his Floridian friend, Donut in North California by car. In the first week of April, Tang is attending a nationwide Taiwanese conference called ITASA, a 3-day, 3-night experience, and a chance to make friends with Taiwanese clubs from colleges all across the U.S. Jet Li is rumored to make an appearance.

Tang also found out he has no Chinese class to take next quarter, so he'll probably take only 3 classes to lessen his work-load.

Since most of TAU's older staff are graduating, the young ones will have to step up and take their place soon, and Tang has tons of ideas.

Pictures below are from past and recent TAU events.