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Brand Eks Online 2.0

Welcome to my fifteen minutes of shame, what I like to call Brand Eks Online. This is actually the second version of this site, so sit back and enjoy what I have to offer, which isn’t much, but hey – it’s free!

I have recently moved into my own apartment, met somebody who agreed to be my girlfriend, and still work (nine months and counting) at a major department store.  So to those of you who know me and thought I wouldn’t amount to much: =P  For those who did… thanks for your support.

In case you’re interested, here’s a little bit more about me


I enjoy various forms of entertainment...

Movies and TV


Comic Books


Here are a few of my friends’ websites...

Lost Coast Peruvians - Mike Furniss

a profile of my buddy Ray Clay

my favorite room on AOL, Men With Minds (I am one, you know)


I also like to TREX…

the TREX homepage

telnet directly to TREX

TREX's user homepages


Feel free to drop me a line: Brand Eks

or chat with me on ICQ: 59247078

If it really matters, this site was last updated 19 June 2000
so now you know (and knowing is half the battle)

How many people have wasted time on this site?  That is so sad.