The Wolcott Family Tree

Thomas Wolcott(c. 1500-1555) + Elizabeth Wolcott - Tolland, Somerset, England; Thomas was a “tucker” who prepared woolen cloth for sale.
a. John(1516)

John Wolcott (1516-1572)+ Agnes (1527-1627) - Tolland, Somerset, England; John was a miller.
a. John(1545)
b. Alice
c. Mary

John Wolcott (1545-1623) + Agnes Cross [John‘s wife is sometimes given as “Joan“]- Tolland, Somerset, England. Like his father, John was a miller.
a. Christopher (d. 1639)
b. Henry(b. 1578)
c. John

Henry Wolcott (1578-1655) + Elizabeth Saunders Wolcott (1582-1655) Married about 1606. Henry brought the family to America in about 1630 in the great Puritan migration. Henry became heir to his father’s substantial estate when his elder brother, Christopher died including the principle residence called the "Gauldon Manor". He died in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Henry is the ancestor of most of the Wolcotts in America.
Children -- all born in Somerset Co., England. Only John remained there; all the other children joined their father in America.
a. John (1606 - 1655) A letter to Henry Jr. from a cousin in England reports that "Your brother John continues in his old course of living", but whether this is an approving or disapproving comment is not clear.
b. Henry (1610-1680)CT
c. Anna (1620-1646) m. Matthew Griswold
d. Christopher (b. after 1610 d. 1662 CT)
e. George (1612/1618 - 1662)m. Elizabeth Treat
f. Mary (1622/3) m. Job Drake in 1646.
g. Simon (1624/1625-1687)m. Joanna Cook in 1657; m. Martha Pitkin in 1661.

Henry Wolcott(1610-1680) + Sarah Newberry.(1614-1684); Henry was born in Tolland, Somerset, England; died in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. All of their children were born in Windsor. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Newberry and Hannah Dabinott.

a. Henry (b.1643)m. Abiah Coff
b. John (1645-1712)m. Mary Chester, m. Hannah Hawley
c. Samuel(1647-1648); died in infancy.
d. Sarah(1649-1698)m. Capt. John Price in 1674.
e. Mary (1651-1683)m. James Russell in 1679.
f. Hannah (1653-1683)
g. Samuel(1656-1695)
h. Josiah(b.1658)

Samuel Wolcott (1656-1995) + Judith Appleton; married 1678. Judith was born in Ipswitch, MA; all of their children were born in Wethersfield, CT. Samuel was a merchant, and was constable at Wethersfield, CT, and representative to the General Court in 1685. He owned a large tract of land, and built a house on what would become known as Wolcott Hill. Several branches of the Wolcott family settled in Wethersfield.
a. Samuel(1679-1734)
b. Gershom(1680-1682)
c. Josiah (1682-1712)
d. Hannah(1684-1748)m. William Burnham(1704-1768)
e. Sarah(b. 1686)m. Robert Wells(1684-1738)
f. Lucy(b. 1688) m. Samuel Robbins
g. Abigail(1690-1714)
h. Elizabeth(1692-1765)
i. Mercy(1694-1714)m. John Stillman(1693-1775)

Samuel Wolcott(1679-1734) + Abigail Collins(1681-1758); Abigail was the daughter of Reverend Nathaniel Collins and Mary Whiting. Samuel was born and died in Wethersfield, but he lived in Salem Massachusettes with his uncle Josiah for a while, and became an import merchant.
a. Abigail (1707-1761)
b. Oliver(1709-1734)
c. Samuel (1713-1800)
d. Mehitable(b. 1715)m. Jonathan Russell
e. Elisha(b.1717)
f. Josiah(b. 1720)

Samuel Wolcott(1713-1800) + Mary Wyatt;like his father, Samuel was born and died at Wethersfield. He was a farmer and built a house on Wolcott Hill in 1750.
a. Samuel (1736-1824)
b. Oliver (1737-1788)
c. Wyatt(1739-1821)
d. Mary (1741-1761)
e. Solomon(1743-1811)
f. Chloe(b.1745)
g. Roger(b.1746)
h. Nathaniel (b.1748)
i. William (b.1750) - died young
j. Abigail (b.1752)
h. William (1754-1841)
By his second wife Sarah August Sherman:
i. Prudence (b.1763)

Wyatt Wolcott (1739-1821) + Desire Saxton(1748-1816); Wyatt was born in Wethersfild;took his family to New York, and died in Austerlitz, Columbia Co., New York.
a.Erastus (1767-1849)
b. Fanny (b.1768)m. Samuel Osborn
c. Samuel H. (1769-1835) m. Sarah Sherman
d. Oliver (1769-1835)
e. James (1775-1848)
f. John Saxton(b.1777)
g. Martin (1780-1796)
h. Chester(1782-1825)
i. Rhoda(b.1786)

Erastus Wolcott (1767-1849)+ Sarah Dunham(d.1844); Erastus was born in Batavia, Genesee Co., New York; he died in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Sarah was the daughter of Gideon Dunham. Most of their children were born in Batavia.
a. Fanny(1788-1831) m. Shubael Dunham
b. Sarah(b. 1790) m. Joshua Sutherland
c. Solomon(1791-c. 1865)
d. Samuel(b.1794-1809)
e. Martin(b. 1796) m. Nancy Worth
f. Abigail(1798-1883);born in Sheffield, VT; m. William F. Miller
g. Desire (b. 1800); m. Amos H. Broughton
h. Chester (1802-1803)
i. Erastus (b. 1804)
j. Hiram (b. 1806) m. Mary Campbell
h. Elsa (b. 1809) m. Albert Calkins
i. Charlotte (b.1811) m. Erastus Pease

Solomon Wolcott(1791-c.1865) + Mary P. Wilbur: Solomon was born in Batavia, Genessee Co., New York, as were most of his children.
a. Alva Frank(b. 1820)
b. Solomon Franklin (b. 1822)m. Harriet Fenn Stone
c. Augusta (b. 1832)
d. Eben (b. 1836)
e. Henry (b. 1838)

Alva Frank Wolcott(b. 1820) + Elizabeth A. Buckman(b. 1822); all of his children were probably born in Hillsdale Co., Michigan. Alva was a farmer in Adams, MI. He obtained a land grant in the Sacramento, California area on a military service warrant, most likely for service in the Civil War.
a. Myron (b.1843)
b. Sarah (b.1845)
c. Lorenzo Franklin (1848-1935)
d. Clarissa(1849), died in infancy.
e. Marilla(1859)

Lorenzo Franklin Wolcott (1848-1935) + Mary Russell (1849 -1922); They were married in Sacramento, California in 1868. Lorenzo appears in the 1880 census as living in Paskenta, and at least three of his children were born in California. Mary Russell was from Arkansas. Both Mary and Lorenzo died in Camas Valley, Oregon, and most of their children settled in Oregon as well.
Children: a. Jesse (1870-1935)born and died in CA
b. Flora (1875) d. Portland, OR
c. Letitia (1877)b. CA; d. Roseburg, OR
c. Emma (1879-1964)b. California m. George Winchester
e. Virgil (1880-1937)d. Camas Valley, OR
f. Percy (1890-1976)Last known residence: Roseburg, OR

Jesse Wolcott (1870-1935)+ Rose Alice Dollings (1867-1836); Jesse is the first Wolcott in the line to be born in California, and he spent most of his life running the family ranch. He and Rose were married in 1893. She was the daughter of William Dollings and Amanda Clinesmith.
a. William Ray(1894-1949)
.b. Ralph Leslie (1896-1976) m. Byra Julia Porter
c. Stanley Sherwood (1902-1982) m. Melba Stover.

William Ray Wolcott (1894-1949) + Frances Aileen Page (1898-1988); married 1918; Ray ran the family ranch, raising sheep and cattle.
a. Donald(1919-1998)
b. Earl K. (1921-1962)
c. Elwyn; stayed on the family ranch and ran it until it was sold in the 1990s.
d. Rose Joy (born c. 1931, d. 1949)
e. Judy Donald Alan Wolcott (1919-1998) + Dorothy Marjorie Wyman
a. Sharon Gay(1941-1978)
Jake Avery “Jake” Hayre + Sharon Gay Wolcott(1941-1978)
a. Karen Dee(1960)

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