The Big Questions - Introduction

Hello! In creating this website, I'm trying a new approach in religious investigation. Instead of the looking at each faith individually, I'd like to look at the world's religions through the viewpoint of life's big questions. It is my intent to be as fair and accurate as I know how to be, but since no one is without his or her own particular perspective, it is only right that I give the reader some idea about my own background, knowledge, and experience.

First of all, let me say that I am a rank amateur. I have no academic or other qualification to talk about religion. It would be best to describe me as a well-informed layman. Comparative religion has been an avocation of mine for many years. I know my way around the Bible, know a bit about early Christian history, and have a general knowledge of Biblical criticism. I also am acquainted with the Qur'an, and the basic principles of Islam. I hav some basic knowledge about Hinduism and Buddhism. I was also a practicing Baha'i for a long time, and am well-versed in the history and scriptures of that Faith. I freely confess I know very little about Chinese religious thought and nothing at all about ethnic religions.

If I say something inaccurate, or you have a "big question" you want answered, please let me know.

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