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About Mac... After doing Boxer rescue for a little while, I decided that I needed to take a little break and not bring any more new dogs into our was really taking a toll on Manny and Gina, as well as my new husband, our marriage and life together in a new town...Well, I got a call and said ok..just one more time. The owner was desparate...leaving town that night and the other rescue person he contacted wouldn't take a white. Mac stepped out of the car and he was home for good. We had him out on a look see that first day, and he came back to us..too big, too old, to many physical problems for these folks...Manny and Gina adjusted...then another family came to see him but they decided it was too soon after losing their 14 year old rottie...and that was it for me. He wasn't going anywhere again. He was going to stay with us forever. We adored him from the moment we met him and hated to see him even go out for the "look sees", but we thought three big dogs was just too much in our little house. When there is so much love around, somehow you all fit and he certainly did. He took over our hearts and our lives. Mac was a neglected dog, tied up alone outside for shots, no vet visits...he had 4 kinds of cancer and severe ear infections when we got him. But he responded to the attention and love. Even though he had some harsh times, the last years of his life were filled with affection and love. He went everywhere with me, 24-7. As my husband said, "He was riding shotgun" and loving it. Everyone loved Mac. He was the favorite with the neighborhood kids..They come by to walk the dogs and they all wanted to walk Big Mac.
He is missed by many. He was a special dog.
Hey! What are you lookin' at?

Time for a nap.     

Oh mom! cut it out your starting to embarrass me.

Yah, I know I'm handsome
Let's go for a walk         

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