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1955 Spartan Aircraft, Royal Mansion
8 X 36 Feet of Lifestyle Freedom

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Trailer Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Below: High quality aircraft aluminum looks great
when you take the time to buff it up!
Jay Perkins did this beautiful renovation on his own Spartan.

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WELCOME! This could be YOUR home on wheels!

1955 Spartan Aircraft Royal Mansion - VIN # 33755211

This wonderful trailer was located in 1995, while I was working in Virginia. The owners used it occasionally for their lake home getaway. It trailed beautifully when I pulled it back to its "birth place" here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I replaced the water heater with a 10 gal. tank, now located in the cabinet under the galley stove. (Click Thumbnail picture - Kitchen3. The original 2.5 gal. tank was in the bathroom cabinet.) The galley stove was replaced by the previous owners with a very nice propane model. The original propane oven works and looks like new. The original built-in refrigerator with small freezer is fully operational. This trailer is considered a park model (no holding tanks), and requires hook up to sewer/septic, water and electric.

Plumbing and much of the wiring was updated in 1996-97. The original ceramic bathroom and galley fixtures are in good condition and did not need to be replaced. There was evidence of minimal roof leak damage; repairs had been made by the previous owners. I've never experienced any leaks. The bedroom does not have the original furniture but can accommodate a double bed. On the port side of the trailer, a window space used for AC is now covered with plywood. I have a heavy gauge sheet of aluminum to use for a more permanent patch. The same tires are on the trailer as when I pulled it back from Virginia.

The trailer has been stored for the past 6 years on a secure, paved lot. I lived in it for a year prior to that, then bought my current home. The plan was ... to find a lake lot and use the Spartan as my Writer's Cottage. Thus, years of storage payments and hopeful optimism. But even a dream can have an expiration date. Here's hoping someone else will fall in love with this trailer as I did.

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Posted: 03-03-03
Updated: 01-10-04