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Majority Rules, Majority Sucks

Finally, we have the ultimate evil technique, which many people see is normal because WE THINK IT DOESN'T EXIST- HOW CAN IT BE EVIL??

Well, the truth is it does and combines with everything, from Rolling Stone Magazine to MTV to adolescent radio stations. This principle is known as "Majority". Yes, it's overall what the public likes to see, hear, and look at.

So after the T.V. is polluted with violence, sex, and vapidness, modern radio is toiled with greed, promotion, and cash, and MTV is sheer vile, and the public likes simple things that were forced to make cash on them, what types of things do the majority like??


They are so used to seeing it, hearing it, and feeling it everywhere that they ultimatley resort to it as normality.

A perfect example of this are the Grammy Awards. THE BIG WINNERS ARE ONLY FROM THE MAINSTREAM. Because, even the greatest experts of musical quality have to resort to this newfound "normality". You didn't see ANYTHING OUTSIDE THE MAINSTREAM BEING VOTED ON IN THE MAJOR CATEGORIES. You didn't see Robert Fripp's new critically acclaimed release "Radiophonics" get nominated for "Album Of The Year". That's because of the "mass promotion" principle I mentioned earlier. The Grammys and some other award festivals help seem like record company creations and screwed-over artists seem like the normality and "majority".

What's more, commercial power to influence people gives us groups like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC who are then considered as "majority favorites". Stupid, illuding and nonsensical commercials on T.V. are repeated over and over and over again on T.V.'s all across America, thus "Spreading The Disease". This is all considered as "Majority" afterwards, when they take polls and surveys of people's opinions on certain topics. This proves that media DOES influence people's opinions. Duh.

So remember, the Majority way is not always the RIGHT WAY- but it's made to SEEM like it is because of our getting used to crap, time-wasting presentations and ideas. The REAL WAY is the right way to vote on things- after all, if the underground opinions don't matter to the general public, then opinions the general public get not based on real facts do not matter either, right??

It only matters to industries that make cash off of the weak public of America, whom they have manipulated, and turned their brains into spaghetti.

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