Saturday, September 1 - 10:40 pm

Ok, I need to get something off my chest. A good acquaintance of mine is in the hospital. I say "acquaintance" and not "friend" because I was afraid to give him much of a chance, but the truth is he has reached my standards, and I'd love for him to be my friend, if he were willing. Anyway, he's been in the hospital for several weeks now with a serious illness and I am feeling things I've never felt before, and I have this intense guilt for what's happening to him right now. You see, we were supposed to hang out about a month ago, and I told him that I would call him if it worked out…well I didn't end up calling him, and I guess (doing the math) a few days later he was admitted to the hospital after being diagnosed with Leukemia. I haven't talked to him since.

I try to remain optimistic, and from what I've heard, so does he, but with all honesty, I'm horribly worried about how this is going to turn out. People are saying that "with the technology nowadays..." he is sure to be fine, and the doctors say that he's been reacting to the chemotherapy surprisingly well, it hurts to imagine someone so lively too tired to sit up. With this in mind, I have to gather the courage to go see him in person. I was actually planning on sneaking to the hospital tomorrow (when I say "sneak" it's because my mom won't let me talk to him ever since the infamous lollipop incident) and visiting him, you know, to cheer him up, when my mom grounded me. It was so stupid, too.

I was at Golfland with Mariana and Nehal, and I was supposed to be home by 8:30. Fully understanding this, we had a ride arranged for 8:15. Well, we called our ride to be picked up and she (Mariana's mom) said she'd be there shortly, so I called my mom to tell her that we were going to be home soon, but she wasn't home. I only got the machine. So I figured I would just go home, and since Amy was supposed to be home already, that she would let me in (I didn't have keys with me). When I got to my house, Amy, who was supposed to be home at 8:00, wasn't home yet, and nobody was home to let me in. I would have called my mom cell phone except I had it with me, so I wanted to the friend she was with, but I only had his old number. I thought that I could call Amy and Evan so that at least I'd be with Amy, but the phone rang and rang and I remembered that they were at Evan's grandparents' house or something. With no other options, I just left a message for my mom on our own machine telling her that I would be at Mariana's house because I couldn't get inside my house, and told her that she could reach me on either Mariana's house's phone, or on the cell phone I had with me. Sound responsible? I thought so.

Well we ended up hanging out at Mariana's house for about 20 minutes when Mariana's mom invites me for dinner. I politely declined, because I had to go home, but I finally agreed to sit with them while I waited for my mom. Well my mom ended up calling at like 8:45 (she said it was only 8:20 but that wasn't possible because we were still at Golfland then) and I told her the situation (including the being invited to eat dinner part) and since she had already eaten dinner with her friend, and I hadn't she said I could stay. Well I don't know WHAT took so long, but the ravioli took forever to make and my mom called again and grounded me, because I guess she thought I was lying to her or something. Who knows.

Well, when my mom came to pick me up (and I never got to have dinner either) she just talked and talked to Mariana's parents and she came off as a real bitch. This is an opinion, sure, but I was there. You weren't. Except for Mariana. Well my mom and I ended up fighting in the car on the way home because I can't keep my mouth shut if it means risking my ego, and in the end of it I was still grounded and now my mom and I were fighting. She didn't even get my point either. Well the whole point of this story is that now I can't visit my friend in the hospital. I'm pretty pissed, and I still feel guilty for not calling him. Well, I called him once in the hospital, but he didn't pick up. That was my day.

Oh, the funniest part, I think, was that my mom was *so* pissed that I wasn't home by 8:30 on a SATURDAY night. It's a fucking Saturday! That ends my story.

Thank you.

Ravioli of the Day: Pesto
That's all of the day today.

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