If you loved him, you'd donkey punch him

At Woodstock's Pizza

Name: Robert Alexander Roy

AKA:  Rob Roy the Goy Boy Toy

age: 23 since i was born 10/02.1980

Charisma: Im only rivaled by James Brown on PCP or your local campaigning congressperson

appearance: Mohawked Madman Poet - according to some. The most attractive man in Davis according to Sharons mother. (And hopefully Sharon.)

where do you live?:  At the Pirate Ship in Davis. By way of Sacramento - with a few bay area detours.

do you have any tattoos/piercings?: I have scars which are so much more interesting. A big one on my head that looks like a road map gone astray, one of my face for when a refrigerator fell on me, and another on my leg from an ax. Many others as well. I used to have my ears pierced 3 times. One day soon i will get a big tattoo of demon wings on my back.

favorite color/pattern: I like black and red. If were talking patterns, for sheer novelties sake, i have to say the Rob Roy black and red tile tartan.

least?: I dont wear teal. Its against my religion.

favorite element: I know the periodic table is sexy and all, but Im no chemist. so ill say oxygen because breathing always nice.

if you could be a porn star, what would your name be?: Same as my radio name. Rob Roy. Wait, how about Dick Dragon. Kind of a variation of my Pirate Name.

fav comic book/cartoon character: Lobo, because he killed Santa Claus after the Easter Bunny paid him to do it.

least fav: Lamuel, the mascot for objective.jesussave.us - those are some crazy folk exploiting that cartoon.

type of music/band: I listen to all kind of music. Fuck... Johnny Cash, Depeche Mode, Slayer, Therion, Public Enemy, Hank Williams, Lacuna Coil, Marvin Gaye, the Clash, Anything that involves Henry Rollins, and SO MUCH MORE

favorite tv show: the Awful Truth or a Sacramento kings game, but I really dont watch TV at all.

favorite movie: Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, The Godfather, 1 & 2 American Beauty, People Vs. Larry Flynt, Trainspotting, Quills, Unforgiven, taxi driver, and just like the music: So Much More

least? I would say Rob Roy because it annoyed me so much in high school when it came out, but its a good movie. Ill say anything by Leni Riefenstahl or D. W. Griffith because racist propaganda sucks.

favorite book: Post Office by Bukowski, Fight Club by Chuck P., Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas by Dr. Thompson, Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Manson, any book by Henry Rollins, and of course - Poetry for an Amazingly Spectacular kisser by Rob Roy

least? Books by old dead white men

favorite holiday: My birthday. Halloween. Or New Years. Because they all require some form of substance abuse or deviancy. Booze on new years. candy on halloween. and sex on my birthday.

least? Christmas. What a dead holiday. Im not a crazy ass blinded Patriot but Thanksgiving is much better than Christmas - even with its tragic background.

if you could be any villain, who would you be and what superpowers would you have?: The power to control the laws of space and time continuity. Otherwise - be immune to the laws of physics.

if you could run and country/state/continent in the world, which would it be and why? Sweden. because they know how to do things right. Although it would be nice to be president. Id end up dead though. Poet should never be politicians.

what do you want to be when you grow up?: Comfortable. All I need is a place to store my shit, food or beer in my belly, and a woman to keep me warm.

where do you want to live?: A big city. SF, NY, maybe London. Preferably NOT Los Angeles. i would take Los Vegas. Hell, even Davis over L.A. If I'm going to breath poison I might as well know the dealer so I'd choose ether over smog.