Noaa at her computer

Noaa holding up her glass at breakfast

Name: Noaa

AKA: Noaa'leh, Hey you over there

birth year: 1984

appearance: Every so often in the dead of night. Eh 5'6 115 nearly waist-length brown hair with blood red streak in front, brown eyes...dead sexy? noooo.

charisma:Nonexistant other than to persuade. I could talk an eskimo into buying a refrigerator. I could sell Satan a space heater. I'm not suave. Just persuasive.

where do you live?: Suburban Hell... isn't that a furniture store? I guess it's better than like south central LA, but im bored as all get out so maybe the threat of homicide *would* be better.

do you have any tattoos/piercings?: 5 on left ear, one on right, one in navel, and no the left side of my head does not feel any heavier, you friggin moron LOL.

favorite color/pattern?: silver or blood red... yeah ill stick with that.

least?: orange *shudder* Probably the worst ever is the Dayquil orange, also because the association with it is the fact that the taste makes me throw up so yeah it compounds to my hating orange.

favorite element: Turbonium LOL If you mean like periodic table of elements i'd go with Krypton cause it sounds like something out of a comic book. If you mean like Earth Fire Wind Water i'd go with water. It's Mr. Wong's favorite substance! If you weren't in Mr. Wong's class, damn you missed out on the water discussion.

if you could be a porn star, what would your name be?: Cherry Forever LOL That's an actual porn star name so it's a rip off but oh well :op

favorite type of music/band?: Hard rock/Heavy metal type music. Favorite band is TOOL, but i'm also quite fond of silverchair, the cranberries, our lady peace, pearl jam, a perfect circle, radiohead, yadda yadda yadda

favorite tv show?: My So-Called Life back when it was on, now I'd say Friends or that overly dramatic Boston Public...or Gilmore Girls...those are the only 3 I regularly watch. How cute are Jess and Dean on Gilmore Girls?!? Damned Rory!

favorite movie: Of the many, Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty... Mmm Wes Bentley...shut up he's not creepy! Ok he is but it's part of the appeal.

least: The Last Days Of Disco... godawful, I'm not even gonna get into it.

favorite book: "Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York" by Gail Parent. The entire book is a suicide note, its so funny and sad and ridiculous at once, i've read it like literally 20 times. or "Slaughterhouse-Five" by Kurt Vonnegut, just because it's so out there and great.

favorite holiday: Halloweenie

least?: Christmas...overpowering commericalism at its best! and worst! and sitting on a fat guy's lap! nooo! I wonder how many child molesters can't wait for christmas

what do you want to be when you grow up?: Still a kid... i dont care what i do as long as im happy, cause if im happy then who cares what im doing? you follow?

where do you want to live?: Bay Area, couldnt stand the weather anywhere else...i need temperance!