Recent MaTT, Octoberish, 2002.

More recent Matt, same date about

Senior year picture i think

Junior year ID card, and he's wearing *my* necklace!

MaTT in about 1998 or 1999

Name: Matt Piasecki (you can only call me Matthew if you're blood related or sleeping with me)

AKA: Charlie White, Kiwi, Evil Matt, any of the thousand cute pet names Sharon gives me

birth year: 1983

appearance: Well...what can i say, I'm sexy. I've got red hair, a goatee lookin thing, and purty hazel eyes

where do you live?: My room, duh

do you have any tattoos/piercings? Just my ear...but when i turn 18, things will change

favorite color/pattern?: Neon Orange

Least? Baje...even the name pisses me off...bastard!

If you could be a porn star, what would your name be?: i dunno...i just heard Black Jack today...and that would rock, cuz im white.

favorite comic book/cartoon character?: well theres tons. im gonna say Spider Jerusilum, Nny, G.I.R., Alex Elder, Vash the Stampeed...theres all kindsa stuff

least favorite?: well...i dunno...thats a hard call...theres something i can like aboot all of em

favorite type of music/band: i like punk, and my bands are Funeral Oration, Digger, Apocalypse Hoboken, Avail, J church, and Alkaline Trio

least favorite?: i dont like most of the pop bands...but i really hate lil Bow wow and Arron carter

favorite tv show: WWF, South Park, The Critic, & The Daily Show

least favorite: most of the stuff on TNN pisses me off, besides WWF

favorite movie: damn...Se7en, Way of the Gun, Fight Club, Devils advocate, and kevin smith flicks

least?: Freddie got fingered...dont even get me started

favorite book: Catch 22

least?: i try to avoid reading book i dont like

favorite holiday: Halloween, My birthday, and christmas

least?: thanksgiving...though only in principle...i like the food-]

if you could be any villain, who would you be? what superpowers would you have?: I'd be Duke Dark Fnord, and i'd wear this crescent fresh black billowy cape, and i'd sick all these evil little Fnord thingy's....rock

if you could run any country/state in the world, which would it be and why? dude...everyone talks about these far off romantic places, but i wanna go someplace like oregon, jus' nice, quiet, with no sales tax. -]

what do you want to be when you grow up?: Pro wrestler


MaTT (left) and Jimi as Juggalos

MaTT (left), Ryan, and Jimi as Juggalos