Tuesday July 3, 2001 - 1:41 pm

Well, well, well. It has been a while, my loyal followers, hasn't it? I can tell you what has happened since I last addressed each of you, but I'll keep it short. Nothing much has happened, though. My mom found out that I had this website and got pretty upset, so I had to stop. It's been so long, that I decided it couldn't hurt to start again...and then my internet stopped working. It still doesn't work- this isn't my computer. Well, the school year has ended and I got a good report card again (I ended up getting B's in both Physics and Computer Programming, and an "A" in everything else) so my mom agreed to let me get my driver's license, and I passed my permit test on my first try...that was exciting. And Nina left, she went back to Denmark. A couple of us from the "posse" met up at Mariana's house, and we went with Nina to the airport really early in the morning (4 or something). When Nina got called for boarding we all started crying, and it was pretty emotional. We all sat and cried and waited for her plane to take off, then all fell asleep in the car on the way back from the airport (none of us had slept the night before). The good thing is, that we all e-mail back and forth, and most of us are planning to go to Europe after high school, and we'll surprise Nina at home; we'll be waiting on her bed for her when she comes home from a party with Kasper and Kenneth and Sabine and Katrine. How fun.

On to other news, I got a job. Yes, it's true. I, Sharon the Caged, was allowed to have a job. I'm so excited.

* * *

Same Day - 7:24 pm

Well. I got let out of work 4 1/2 hours early today, and instead of working I went shopping with my sisters and our mom's credit card, had a blast and saw Alex for he second day in a row, bought some Jamba Juice, and went home. My mom had a cable connection partially installed today, so I did the rest, got everything working, and viol'a, I have a cable modem. It's exciting, I tell you. Now if only I could get my own computer to even turn on...hmmm... Well It's really hot right now, and I'm sorta tired, so I will update more later. I have precious art, some more friend stat page(s), and maybe more entries, to come later. Take care, my precious chickadees.

Person of the Day: Alex
Website of the Day: www.fatchicksinpartyhats.com courtesy of Torey. Thank you Torey.
Internet Connection Method of the Day: Cable!

* * *