Thursday, January 2 2003

ugh. ::heavy sigh:: ugh. Today was just one of those days. I had to work an 8-hour shift today and i'm growing to despise my work more and more with each passing day. I hate waking up in the morning and wanting to cry because i don't want to go to work. i hate getting off of work and just wanted to punch walls and yell at everybody that does something that irks me. i'm sick of taking shit from customers when i just want to strangle them with the cord to my headset. i hate having to hold my breath when i just want to scream at the top of my lungs that in-n-out burger can go to hell. what's worse is that i think i have to work when i go back to davis too. maybe i'll just tell the manager that i'm sorry for wasting his time and i'll just find another job instead. a fun job. like one that i can have dyed hair at, or wear jewelry, or not have to deal with customers that i dont want to. tomorrow is my last day working before i head back to davis.

ok so now that i've bitched about how much i hate in-n-out burger and all the asshole patrons, i think i'm ready to move onto other things. like jakub. mm. precious jakub. he's awesome. we started talking a while ago online, because christine is friends with both of us, we exchanged screen names...well it turned out that we liked each other and we started hanging out and on new year's eve and we watched dumb and dumber and part of the scorpions dvd that amy bought for me, and then we watched jay leno and all kinds of different shows featuring the new year's countdown and at midnight he leaned over and kissed me. it was cute. we held hands for a while and then we watched conan's countdown for the central timezone's new year, and at their i kissed him and the rest is history. we hung out on new year's day too, and this morning he left for tahoe. :(

I like him a lot and he makes me really happy, but it feels awkward to have to hide my feelings from a certain friend of mine. i have this friend that i know doesn't want to hear about jakub and so i try to not talk about him in front of my friend as much as possible, but i don't want to hide where i'm going because i'm going to see him, or have to leave certain names out of my conversations because my friend doesn't want to hear about jakub. jakub makes me happy, and i don't want to be sorry for that. but i don't like to see my friend so upset.

well i think that's about it for now.

End of transmission, 22:20.

Person of the Day: Jakub
Song of the Day: "Fuck You Up And Get High" by the Dwarves
Asshole Customer of the Day: That Dumb Bitch That Yelled At Me, Bitch.
Friend of the Day: Lissy

* * *

Friday, January 3 2002

Today was my last day at home before i head back over to davis. too bad i had to work all day. work sucked as usual but it wasnt as bad as yesterday. i still had stupid/bitchy customers (like the woman that wanted a cheeseburger and a hamburger with cheese and insisted they were different somehow), but they werent as bad as some days. i just really don't want to work at in n out in davis. i talked to my boss (jesse) and it turns out that she never even talked to the manager of the davis store so as far as he's concerned i dont exist. yay!

i like jakub. he called me today while i was at work and i wasnt there to pick up my cell phone so he left me a voicemail. i love getting voicemails. yea... i like jakub.

so i was packing all my shit up today and i realized that i'm either far too obsessed with music, or that i'm a packrat. i had something like 20+ tapes....tapes....then something like 200 cds. and thats only the tapes and cds that we're (we being amy and i) bringing.

oh yea, today when i was at work, david came in to in n out and sat and read for a while, then mario and josh came in and i got my half hour break and david took me to subway across the street and i bought a sandwich with the money that they all lent (sp?) me. the roasted chicken breast was really fucking good.

my mom made her famous raspberry white chocolate torte today...holy crap that thing is so good....i quiver in fear whenever she makes it because i can't resist it's creamy chocolatey raspberry-y charm. ::salivates:: see? i'm still drooling. and samir and i got into a hotdog and cheese fight in safeway, and we got american flag tattooes. and kelly bought my a peppermint patty for 6 cents. well worth it, i promise you all.

Tomorrow morning kelly and i are going to the flea market before noaa and i head for richmond, then davis, and i have to wake up hella early.

End of transmission, 25:45.

Person of the Day: Jakub
Stranger of the Day: Jonathan's Long-Lost Brother
Bitchy Customer of the Day: The Stupid 'Hamburger With Cheese' Lady
Torte of the Day: Raspberry Torte

* * *

Sunday, January 5 2002

Oh damn, oh damn. Last night Noaa and I went to Larry's (we're in Davis) and had a day. Err, a night. We had a night. We watched "Training Day" and "Orange County" and hung out and Noaa and I went back to my place at like 6 am. ouch. And then I went downstairs to get soda and the soda machines were turned off. So i couldn't get a pepsi. sad sharon.

In a bit i'm going to take Noaa and Larry to the DC (Dining Commons, i.e. 'cafeteria') to chow on some grub and show Noaa all the mad bitches that go here. I have hella shit to do today. OH YEA! I bought a CD burner at CompUSA a couple days ago (because i have to buy huge things now and then to remind myself why i go to work even though i hate it) and last night Noaa and Larry helped me install it. oh damn it was a bitch, too...the little bitch. we actually had to break pieces off my computer and use tools like pens and keys and hella McGuyver (sp?) it. We had no idea what we were doing and now my CD-ROM doesn't work but my burner bother a burner as a now i have to buy a splitting IDE cable and i got myself a working, functional computer. haha except the cd burner didn't exactly fit in my computer tower and the screw holes on the burner didnt match up with the screw holes on the tower so it's just *suspended* in my tower. haha. i was afraid we would fuck my computer up...we had to break pieces off! thats not cool!

ew. my breath stinks because i haven't brushed my teeth yet. and i'm going to go wake up my boy (larry) so we can go grub. later.

End of transmission, 11:42.

Friend of the Day: Noaa
Song of the Day: "The Decline" by NOFX

* * *

Monday, January 6 2002

Well today was my first day of class. Or, is, i should say. I still have one class left. Well, this morning i had Chem2A at 8, Hebrew2 at 9, then i have a chem lab at 1 until 4. ouch, huh? then tomorrow im in class from 9 until 7...not continuously, but whatever. wednesdays and fridays im out of class by 10 am, and thursday im out at noon. that means i pretty much have a 3-day weekend every weekend, except i dont get to sleep in on fridays.

So yea i've already gone to chem, and it turns out that my high school chem teacher was really good and i'm pretty comfortable with the course material...

* * *

Sorry 'bout that. I had to go to lunch with noaa and then go to my 3-hour chem lab. we sat next to some random old guy and we were trying to figure out what all the weird marshmallows were in my lucky charms, and it turned out it was like special christmas shapes like candy canes and stockings and trees n shit, and we couldnt figure out what this one shape was... i thought it was a christmas tree ornament, noaa thought it was the baby jesus (haha), and the old guy tried to be funny and said he thought it was one of the wise men. he was nice though. and noaa gave him a piece of cheese.

I had all these things i wante to mention but i can't remember them now. noaa and i were at this one intersection (sycamore/russel to all you davisians) where there was all this white paint splattered and i told noaa that i might be bird shit and she said that there was no way that so much bird shit could be in one place like i took her on a walk through the Harvest Market parking lot and showed her all the bird shit and i put her in her place ::grins::

oh yea, i almost lost my wallet today. i thought i had it in my backpack and when i looked for it, we couldn't find it so i called quizno's (because that's where we were last) and they couldn't see it, so noaa and i went back to her car to look on the ground in the car, and sure enough it was there. yay.

ummmm wow i'm boring. we're probably going to go to larry and eric's and smoke some nargila and watch joe millionaire (hopefully the boys want to see it) so yea.

End of transmission, 19:13

Unnerving Moment of the Day: Having a Black Cat Cross My Path, tied with "Losing" My Wallet
Crowning Achievement of the Day: Finishing Off A Large Sandwich at Quizno's
Frustration of the Day: Finally Going To Office Max and Them Not Having The Cables They Told Me They Had When I Called Them Today

* * *

Thursday, January 9 2002

I'm really full because I had sushi with sean ("firecrotch") and amy at this all-you-can-eat sushi place in downtown davis. mmm. it was pretty good sushi too. we had prawns, beef, potstickers, and tempura too. an all-around great meal. if i remembered the place, i would share the name, but i dont remember the name of it. it was on G street next door to the pub and across the street from another sushi place...but i don't remember that place's name either. ::shrugs::

so because i get out of class so early on wednesdays, thursdays, and fridays, i find myself bored and with not enough to do. so ive been going over to eric and larry's even earlier in the day and yesterday don and i went over there at like 7 and we watched "blow" and this movie about a possessed car that kills people (called "christine", so i thought of christank of course) and we smoked some hookah and ordered pizza and when sean was ready to take me home, i got up, said "wow, my whole leg is entirely asleep" and, evidently, passed out onto the floor but not without smacking my head on the couch first. hm.. i had no reason for fainting, so i'm pretty confused. i just know that i was really hot when i came too, and i took of my jackets and laid on the floor, against the cold tile...soon i was ready to go home, sean gave me a ride, and walked me up to my room to make sure i dont pass out again. that was nice. i seriously don't know why i would pass out though...

i'm a little concerned because jakub's phone is really weird and whenever i try to call him i dont know if its fucking up or just the answering machine, because i leave messages and jakub doesnt get them...and one time when i was leaving a message he picked up the phone i don't know whats up. i barely get ahold of him at all and i miss him. and it worries me. i wish he had a cell phone or something that i could call...or a phone that wasnt fucked up.

onto other news, ive only showered once since last saturday so i'm in a pretty stanky situation right now. i think it would be in my best interest to shower right now...

End of transmission, 14:25.

Foodstuff of the Day: All-You-Can-Eat Sushi
Friend of the Day: Sean
Blood Disorder of the Day: Aneimia(?)

* * *

Monday, January 20 2003

Wow i havent written in forever. i cant begin to catch up so ill just talk about whats on my mind (not much, but whatever). i spent the last 4 days kicking it with jakub, his friend seiji, christank, mariana, nehal, mario, marilu, evan, henry, tim kim, and eric matsuoka and i ran into mikaela (sp?), taylor carpenter, laura hungerford, 2 random kids that used to go to homestead, john lazarus, jeremy bakin, and others. lots of fun. lots of starbucks too. way too much starbucks. yesterday i was starbucks 3 or 4 times, and coffee society twice. then today i was at starbucks for like 4 hours (2 separate ones, about 2 hours at each). today amy and evan got back together i think (but i'm not sure). i guess that was interesting. i dont know, im tired.

* * *

woah, ok i just fucked up my ring...i tried to change the ring and fucked it up and now its....ok but not great. ::sigh::. i wish i werent so impatient, maybe i wouldn't fuck up all the time. anyway, im off to go shower and do hebrew homework. thats right. hebrew homework. in the shower. later.

End of transmission, 23:11

Person of the Day: Jakub
Song of the Day: Anything NOT Sung by Aretha Franklin (sorry, Aretha)
Coffee Establishment of the Day: Starbucks
Friend of the Day: Mariana

* * *

Sunday, January 26 2003

Today was/is superbowl sunday. fucking raiders lost which means my chem exam is going to be like 90 times harder. fucking raiders. they were looking like they could win for a while, or at least tie, but they ended up losing 21-48. fucky.

on a different note, umm. do i have a different note? this weekend samir and evan came up to see us and it was a down-to-earth sorta good time. samir helped me do laundry and then we went to see don's band "BxUxIx" play on campus and everybody was there, including Eric ("OE"), Larry ("the Animal"), Sean ("Firecrotch"), Jay ("J"), Tim ("Timo"), Amie (just "Amie"), Mo (just "Mo"), Kris ("Nigel"), and others. Then samir and i went to the Denny's in Dixon and there was literally one non-white person working there. it was really strange...i guess i never realized how diverse sunnyvale was until i came up here. anywho, Samir and i had a great ol' time and ate our food then went to my place (haha "place". i mean "my cramped little piece of this shithole called 'Davis'") and watched the movie "Ghost World". I liked it a lot. a whole lot. i guess i connected a lot to several of the characters, mostly enid and rebecca. but i guess i was supposed to in a non-psuedo-intellectual sorta way...if that makes any sense...

i've been having a big almost emotional breakdown because of this..."this" meaning people's complete deliberate attempt to be as insincere as possible. what the fuck is up with that? I can honestly say i know almost nobody who is sincere most of the time. i'm not going to name any names of those sincere peoples as to not offend anybody, and also because i truly don't know whose being true to themselves and whose a lying son-of-a-bitch. allow me to raise one example from each category, and only one. Barry. That no-good son-of-a-bitch lying,sneaky, sleazy, cheating, pathetic loser-asshole. now, 'why,' you might ask, 'does she hate him so much?' and i would have to correct you and say "that's not true, i dont hate that asshole. i really don't. i'm just sick of him and people like him that use people and lie to them and pretend to be somebody theyre not". now, Barry is an extreme case. i've known few people so pathetic as to stoop to his level of deliberate insincerety. but it was barry who almost single-handedly lost all faith i had for the human race. well, that's not true. i didn't like people all that much before that fuckhead came along, but it's true that when i hear "pathetic," "loser," "lier," or "asshole" i immediately think of him, but he is not the reason i think everybody lies. he's just the one who pushed me over the edge, i guess. ok, now let's look at the other end of the sincerety spectrum. Christine. Beautiful Christine.Sweet, loyal, honest, sincere, beautiful Christine. I have known few (and by "few" i mean "around 2") people in my life with as much honesty, loyalty, or sincerity as Christine. I admire her, and everybody else should too. I think it shows so much personal strength, especially when faced with the kind of crap that she has to put up with every damn day. I like Christine, because she stands for all kinds of good things. She renews my faith in people. Thank you for that, Christank.

Moving on, I dig Jakub. He's one awesome guy. Just thought i'd mention that. Oh wow, i completely got off-topic. i was talking about last weekend. Ok, so after the movie we all went to bed (Amy and Evan in one bed, and Samir and I in the other. It was really uncomfortable because i was pressed up against the wall and i slept on my discman all night. ouch. on saturday (yesterday) the four of us went to San Francisco and went to Twin Peaks to take pictures, walked around down Market and around the Castro district, and played with gay sex toys. it was awesome. after that we went to Berkeley and saw Joel's birthday show at the Gilman. the show itself pretty much sucked (at least i didn't like it, i know that samir did), and i got pelted with some gross banana-flour-vinegar-relish-type mixture and i was in the bathroom getting it off myself when i saw some poor girl with the crap all over her so i helped her get it off. samir and i got in for free because we stamped hands and sold membership cards for them. much fun. i saved a whole $7.

We met up with Jonabitch at the show, and of course Meghan McCoy (his cousin), Gavin (Gabiye's brother), and Ian O'Toole, but that doesn't really help move the story along. So anyway Jonabitch went back up north with us instead of with his posse and we went to the all-white Denny's in Dixon again and was served by the same guy again and we had a time. Then we went to our room and fell asleep.

Today they all left back for Sunnyvale, then I went to Starbucks to see about the job but the manager wasn't there, and then to don's place to find out he's MIA and then came back and saw the game at Larry and Eric's with the crew minus Kasey ("KC"). Then i came home and here i am.

End of transmission, 20:57

Person of the Day: Christine
Song of the Day: "Ever Dream" by Nightwish
Foodstuff of the Day: DIY Waffles
Hobby of the Day: Making One-Inch Buttons

* * *

Monday, January 27 2003

Look what i just learned how to do: ♠. Rad, huh? Ok so I'm pretty tired and i have a headache and i want to go to bed but i came here just to update about what happened today, because i happen to think it was pretty damn interesting.

In my chem lab today we were supposed to be heating this sodium hydroxide solution and this one group's flask exploded or something and this girl named Grace got it all over the front of her shirt and she had to strip down to her underwear and shower, in front of all the girls in the class (the boys had to leave). I felt so bad for her, she looked like she was really humliated. i guess i would be too. ok, i know i would be too. that really sucks for her. also, there was no drain in the shower....actually the only drain in the entire room was on the other side of the room, and it was the water from the 5-gallon-per-second shower head filled the room pretty damn quickly, and all the girls picked up the guys' backpacks and got up onto the lab desks to avoid getting flooded onto. some guys had to come in and wet-vac the whole room and part of the hallway because the water got the whole ordeal took about 45 minutes to an hour, and then we all had to come back and finish our an hour. what bullshit. well needless to say not one group got close to finishing, and i don't know what's going to happen but we better as hell not get penalized for it.

That's all i wanted to say, i think.

End of transmission, 24:24.

Person of the Day: Eric (OE)
Song of the Day: "Air on G String" by J.S. Bach
Unfortunate Incident of the Day: What, like it wasn't obvious

* * *

Wednesday, January 29 2003

Today was sort of rad. I woke up at 7:30, went to my chem lecture wthat was really boring, went to my hebrew class that was really boring, and did my homework in class. then i went to talk to the director of financial aid and she told me that i wasnt eligible for work-study and that i needed a lower income....then her secretary printed her out my file and she said that i finally qualify for work-study. yay! maybe now i'll finally qualify for a calgrant.

After talking to the head honcho of financial aid (it's cool, i'm like the one student that has actually met her) i went out and filled yet another job application, so now i have three in circulation. one at starbucks, one at the dining commons, and the last at the coffee house on campus. but i dont think any accept work study, which means my poverty is pointless. After that I had lunch with Don at the DC and he flipped off the Eric that lives in my building. hmm. Don made fun of me because i drank diet pepsi. well screw him. diet pepsi tastes just as good, damn it.

After the DC i fucked around for a while, because i'd already finished my day. i made button designs on the computer, including a bunch of hardcore buttons for Don. Then i played "The Sims" some more, ate dinner with Amy and Ryan, watched Will & Grace and Seinfeld, worked out with Eric (OE). Then i hung out with Eric and Leroy at their place, watched "Bongwater" and Southpark, then i went home and here i am. Well i guess it can't be that interesting to anybody else, but whatever.

As i was sitting in my chemistry review session i started doodling and decided i wanted to do another comic book. i would take this one more seriously though. i have this idea for it and im going to write out the whole story and then illustrate it and color it in and everything. i'm going to post it on this site so everybody who wants to can read it.

Well I really want to shower before i head off to bed.

End of transmission, 23:21

Person of the Day: Peter
Snack Food of the Day: Senor Sobrante's Churro Flavored Tortilla Chips
Song of the Day: "Ever Dream" by Nightwish

* * *